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PLAY Airlines Reports 164,000 Passengers, 85% Load Factor

Fly Play HF Reports 85% Load Factor, 164,000 passengers & PLAY Cabin Crew wins USA Today Readers´ Choice Award.
Fly Play HF Reports 85% Load Factor, 164,000 passengers & PLAY Cabin Crew wins USA Today Readers´ Choice Award.

In September, PLAY Airlines witnessed a significant growth in passenger numbers. They carried 163,784 passengers, marking a remarkable 77% increase compared to last year when they transported 92,181 passengers. The load factor, which indicates how efficiently an airline fills its available seats, also showed improvement. In September 2023, PLAY achieved a load factor of 85%, compared to 81.5% in September 2022.

Moreover, PLAY’s on-time performance for September 2023 stood at an impressive 85.1%. Analyzing the passenger composition, 22.9% departed from Iceland, 31.6% flew to Iceland, and the remaining 45.5% were connecting passengers. These numbers are significant, considering that September is usually considered a slower month for travel.

PLAY expanded its capacity by adding four new aircraft to its fleet earlier this year, and this move seems to have positively impacted the airline’s performance. The airline also reported a 23% increase in average ancillary revenue in September 2023 compared to the same month in 2022, indicating strong growth prospects for the future.

PLAY Airlines Delivers a USD 12 Million Profit in Summer 2023

During the summer of 2023, PLAY Airlines achieved a noteworthy milestone by recording a profit of USD 12 million. This marked the first time the company reported a profit from its operations after tax after the summer season. The financial success serves as a validation of PLAY’s business model, demonstrating its effectiveness.

In terms of passenger volume, PLAY is projected to transport approximately 1.5 million passengers in 2023. Looking ahead, the airline anticipates a further increase in passenger numbers, aiming to carry around 1.8 million passengers in 2024. To accommodate this growth, PLAY has already acquired two additional aircraft for 2025, expanding its fleet to 12 A320neo family aircraft sourced from Airbus. Furthermore, the company is actively exploring opportunities for additional capacity expansion.

PLAY Wins USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice Award

PLAY Airlines’ flight attendants have been voted as the best cabin crew by USA Today. USA Today nominated PLAY Airlines, and readers and fans had the opportunity to vote for their favorite airlines. After four weeks of voting, PLAY Airlines emerged as the top choice for the #1 cabin crew. PLAY’s cabin crew is renowned for their friendly, accommodating, and helpful service during flights. This prestigious award serves as a well-deserved recognition for their exceptional work. Other airlines nominated for the award included Virgin Atlantic, Fiji Airways, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, Korean Air, British Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Cathay Pacific.

Birgir Jonsson, PLAY CEO, said of the results:

“It´s great to see such a strong load factor for the month of September, which is historically a slow month in the aviation industry. We continue to perform well in our key markets after seeing solid financial results over the summer months of 2023, with revenue nearly doubling from last year and the airline delivering a net profit of $12 million in the same period.

“For our cabin crew to win the USA Today 10Best Readers´ Choice Award is a massive achievement that makes us all very proud of our fantastic crew. It has only been just over two years since our inaugural flight and just over one year since our first flight to the USA. We know that our cabin crew is dedicated, prioritizes safety and customer satisfaction, and makes the onboard experience fun, and the recognition from USA Today 10Best is therefore well-deserved! We’re thankful for their hard work that makes PLAY stand out around the world.

“We are looking forward to the coming winter season. I know that the whole PLAY team will keep up the good work and continue delivering good results for the company and an enjoyable experience for our passengers.”

FLY PLAY HF September Reports

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