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Copenhagen Airport Served +20M Passengers So Far

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During the first nine months of 2023, Copenhagen Airport saw a significant increase in passengers, with 20.3 million people traveling through. This number represents a 24 percent year-on-year growth. As we approach the school autumn break, it is expected that Friday, October 13th, will see over 100,000 passengers passing through Denmark’s largest airport.

Copenhagen Airport saw a significant increase in passengers.

Autumn Holidays Beckon at Copenhagen Airport

Autumn is a popular time for travel, as many people seek to prolong their summer by visiting sunnier destinations or exploring the vibrant cities available on the Copenhagen Airport destinations map. In September alone, Copenhagen Airport welcomed 2,533,764 travelers, marking the beginning of the autumn season.

Copenhagen Airport Passenger numbers for September 2023.
Copenhagen Airport Passenger numbers for September 2023.

“We experience a huge urge to extend the summer season by traveling, not only to southern Europe or a European big city but also by jetting across the Atlantic to visit the United States,” says Chief Commercial Officer Peter Krogsgaard of Copenhagen Airports A/S. 

In September, 124,000 passengers traveled between Copenhagen and a destination in the United States or Canada. This number reflects an eleven percent increase compared to the previous year. Out of these passengers, nearly half were Americans or Canadians visiting Denmark.
“The routes to North America are performing well, and the number of seats available is approaching the level of 2019. More routes are set to open next year, including an American Airlines service to Philadelphia, and we expect up to 1.3 million passengers on routes to and from North America,” says Krogsgaard. 

New York is the Favorite Destination

Did you know New York is the top choice for travelers from Denmark and southern Sweden when visiting the United States? It is particularly popular during the autumn season.
Copenhagen Airport offers flights to JFK and Newark airports, connecting travelers from Denmark to the Big Apple. In September alone, nearly 40,000 passengers flew from Copenhagen to either of these New York destinations, representing a significant fifteen percent increase compared to the previous year.

“Delta Airlines and SAS have services to New York, and there is strong demand for flights to the ‘city that never sleeps.’ It’s got everything and is perfect for an autumn trip of exciting adventures,” says Krogsgaard. 

CPH: ‘Air bridge’ to London Restored

In September, many passengers traveled to or from London to Copenhagen. With 158,000 passengers, the British airports of Heathrow, Gatwick, and Stansted remained the top destinations. Daily departures are now near pre-pandemic levels (22 in September 2019 versus 19 in September 2023). Krogsgaard says, “The ‘air bridge’ to London was close to being completely restored.”

Winter Escapes from CPH to Over 123 Destinations

As the winter season approaches, airlines are gearing up to offer flights to 123 destinations and around 25 charter flights. This year’s winter programs feature exciting new routes, including sunny destinations such as Agadir in Morocco (offered by SAS) and Funchal in Madeira (offered by Norwegian). For those seeking a skiing holiday, options include Sälen or Åre in Sweden (with SAS) or Salzburg in Austria (with Norwegian). Additionally, Ryanair will introduce routes to Paris-Beauvais Airport and Warsaw Modlin Airport in Poland, while Wizz Air will begin service to Kutaisi, the second largest city in Georgia.

850,000 Travelers Expected at Copenhagen Airport During School Autumn Break

During the upcoming autumn break, many people will be traveling. Specifically, over 850,000 travelers will pass through Copenhagen Airport between Friday, October 13th, and Sunday, October 22nd.
The airport’s officials expect Friday the 13th to be the busiest day of the autumn season, with approximately 100,000 travelers. It’s worth noting that this date holds a certain macabre reputation for some. But Copenhagen Airport is ready to offer passengers a smooth journey on the date.

“We are not superstitious at Copenhagen Airport, but some travelers are. That is why we don’t have a Gate 13 at the airport, for example. Many airlines also do not have a row 13 on their aircraft with a view to making superstitious travelers more comfortable on their journey. We will make sure that everyone has a smooth and safe start to their travels,” Krogsgaard concludes.

To ensure a stress-free experience, passengers should arrive at the airport two hours before departure for flights within Europe and three hours before long-haul flights to destinations outside Europe.

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