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Emirates Goes All-In on Apple: 20,000 Devices for Cabin Crew

Emirates deploys 20,000 Apple devices to Cabin Crew to transform inflight services.

Emirates, known for its commitment to technology and innovation, has implemented a new digital service strategy called “One Device.” This initiative provides all 20,000 Emirates Cabin Crew members with Apple devices—an iPhone 13 or an iPad Air—configured with custom Emirates apps. The goal is to improve passenger service and enhance the overall crew experience.

Emirates deploys 20,000 Apple devices to Cabin Crew to transform inflight services.

An AED 32 million (USD 8.7m) Investment in Apple Devices

Emirates invested over AED 32 million into this initiative and started distributing Apple devices to crew members a year ago. More than 7,000 Emirates crew members use iPhones on 450 daily flights. An additional 5,000 cabin crew will receive iPhones and iPads with new features and apps in the coming months.

Emirates User Research and Custom-Built Apps

To ensure a seamless experience, Emirates conducted extensive user research and developed custom-built apps. These apps aim to enhance the cabin crew’s efficiency and allow them to provide personalized service to passengers. For example, Business Class has an app to streamline the inflight meal order-taking process. It enables cabin crew to quickly serve passengers by accessing their profiles and Skywards status. Another app provides real-time roster and flight information, seat changes, upgrades, and an overview of onboard crew. This 360-degree view of passengers lets the cabin crew personalize each customer’s experience by considering their preferences from previous flights.

The “One Device” initiative also supports cabin crew performance and safety. Crew members can access 24/7 support globally and receive assistance from specially trained experts at Emirates’ Dubai hub or through Apple Support. The devices also serve as a platform for continuous education through micro-learning and provide access to important operational manuals. Crew are also allowed to use the airline-issued devices for personal use. Emirates ensures the privacy and security of both passengers and cabin crew.

Apple Products Support Emirates Demanding Operating Environment

Emirates selected Apple devices because they offer features and functionalities compatible with the demands of busy crew. Apple products offer fast charging, extended battery life, lightweight design, and premium build quality. They utilize Apple’s industry-leading security features, such as secure Face ID authentication, to protect customer and cabin crew information. Emirates removes flight information from crew devices once the flight is completed, ensuring customer privacy.

Emirates “One Device” Experience Zone

To support the rollout of the “One Device” initiative, Emirates has set up an experience zone at their headquarters in Dubai. This zone serves as a one-stop shop for cabin crew, offering assistance with Apple device hardware and software issues, Emirates application support, and device accessories.

Overall, the “One Device” strategy by Emirates brings forth a technological advancement that empowers their cabin crew to deliver exceptional service and provides passengers with a personalized and enjoyable inflight experience.

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