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Take-Out to Take-Off: XO and C3 Disrupt Private Jet Dining

Private Jet-Share Service XO Partners with Food Service C3 for In-Flight Food Delivery

The private aviation network XO has recently partnered with C3, an innovative food and beverage company, to streamline food delivery on XO’s shared private jet flights. Together, they aim to revolutionize inflight dining options for private jet travelers, offering a wider range of choices and a superior culinary experience.

Functioning as a combined private jet broker and private jet charter services provider, XO offers travelers transparent pricing and efficient booking processes with a commitment to safety. The company offers flights on a fleet of over 2,400 aircraft, from light jets to large cabin aircraft. Now, XO is taking its services one step further by giving flyers access to various world-class culinary brands, all available at the touch of a button on their mobile devices.

C3 Menus Available on Shared Flights Between NY and FL

XO Shared Flight Available on select flights from New York to South Florida, its most popular shared flight route.
XO Shared Flight Available on select flights from New York to South Florida, its most popular shared flight route. Source: XO.

Starting this month, passengers on select shared flights between New York and South Florida, one of XO’s most popular routes, can enjoy the same dining options from C3 that they enjoy on the ground – while soaring through the sky.

This exclusive collaboration allows flyers to personalize their in-flight dining experience. Featuring offerings from top C3 restaurants, travelers create their own customized catering menu, selecting dishes from multiple restaurants with just a single order.

XO Private Jet Dining: What the Partners Had to Say

Sergey Petrossov, Chief Growth and Digital Officer at Vista said: “Private flyers recognize XO for the efficiency we bring to the end-to-end private flying experience. Through our advanced technology and mobile app – which enhances private jet accessibility, transparency, and the value of its offerings – XO is built to provide private flyers with more choice. Our shared flights from New York to Florida continue to grow and resemble how this industry is moving towards more innovative flying solutions. As companies that share a commitment to innovation and excellence,we are excited to partner with C3. Like XO, they utilize technology to create an accessible and elevated experience – in their case, through world-class culinary talent.”

Sam Nazarian, Founder at C3, said: We are so thrilled and humbled to disrupt the most coveted world of aviation with the world of C3’s culinary brands and technology as we partner with the exceptional, best-in-class team at XO. With this partnership, C3 has developed a custom pre-ordering technology, ‘GO by Citizens,’ for XO passengers so that we can meet each client’s cravings with ease and efficiency.”

Seven C3 Culinary Concepts to Choose From on XO Shared Flights

XO x C3 Now delivers private flyers a personalized dining experience from top restaurants
XO x C3 Now delivers private flyers a personalized dining experience from top restaurants. Source: XO.

The collaboration offers unique and innovative dining options from seven C3 culinary concepts:

How To Choose Your XO Private Jet Dining C3 Menu

  1. Book your flight with XO
  2. You’ll receive a personalized link to customize your in-flight dining experience based on your preferences through C3’s ‘GO by Citizens’ food service technology.
  3. Make your selection.
  4. Enjoy your flight and your preferred in-flight meal.

About XO

XO is transforming private aviation with data-driven service and seamless accessibility through its mobile platform. With a fleet of 360+ aircraft and an extensive alliance fleet of 2,100+ private planes, XO offers members and clients a range of cabin classes. As part of the Vista ecosystem, XO is at the forefront of revolutionizing the private aviation industry. Learn more about XO at

Importantly, XO Global LLC does not operate any aircraft directly. Instead, all flights are operated by licensed US or foreign air carriers. All Shared Flights are organized as Public Charters by XO Global LLC according to 14 CFR Part 380. To participate in a Shared Flight, passengers must agree to XO’s Public Charter Operator Participant Agreement and abide by the terms and conditions on XO Global LLC is a registered seller of travel in Florida, with Reference Number ST42114.

About C3

C3 (Creating Culinary Communities) is revolutionizing the food service industry by combining technology, retail spaces, and culinary talent. With brands like Umami Burger, Krispy Rice, Sam’s Crispy Chicken, and more, C3 is disrupting the food service industry with shared kitchens, culinary markets, and mobile delivery. Visit to learn more.

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