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Air New Zealand Seeks Snackperts for Latest Menu Upgrades

    Ready, set, snack! Air New Zealand recruits taste testers in the Great Kiwi Snack Off.

    Air New Zealand has called on foodie Kiwis to help narrow their list of candidates in the airline’s latest update to in-flight snack offerings. Taste testers will sample treats the airline would serve its customers onboard. The airline has called the snackspert initiative the Great Kiwi Snack Off.

    Air New Zealand recruits taste testers in the Great Kiwi Snack Off.
    Air New Zealand, Boeing, 777, Landing at Auckland International Airport, New Zealand, 25 December 2019. Credit: Rusell Hendry
    • More than 400 suppliers put their best snacks forward.
    • The airline has shortlisted the delectable creations of 30 suppliers.
    • More than 70 snacks were tried and taste-tested.
    • Air New Zealand is calling for taste testers to help make the final decision.

    Air New Zealand recently invited suppliers from all over the country to compete to have their snacks served onboard. The airline is now looking for five food enthusiasts to assist in the selection. With over 400 suppliers expressing interest and offering a variety of snacks, including nuts and nachos, Air New Zealand aims to make the best choices for its passengers.

    “We’ve had some incredible suppliers reach out with snacks of all shapes and flavors and they’ve got some great stories to tell. Whether they’re on a mission to highlight the best of locally sourced produce or want to help a deserving charity, the caliber of suppliers has been exceptional. We’ve managed to whittle the list down to 30 suppliers still in the running, but we need a hand to make the final call,” Air New Zealand Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty explains. “What’s become really clear through this process is Kiwis are passionate about snacks, so why not give a few of the country’s most enthusiastic foodies a chance to be snacksperts and have their say on what we serve onboard.”

    Air New Zealand’s in-house panel of snackers has already narrowed down the list to ensure suppliers meet key requirements. For example, they’ve selected options that can be served without heating and are easy and light to transport.

    “We’ve got dozens of snacks that highlight a variety of classic Kiwi flavors, including tangy feijoas and kiwifruit for our snacksperts to try. From cookies and bliss balls to crunchy bacon chips to churros, it won’t be an easy task for them to narrow the snacks down,” Geraghty adds.

    The airline has encouraged children and adults to take a nibble at snack sampling. During the taste testing in Auckland, participants will sample snacks and offer feedback. The airline will announce the final selection of its crowdsourced snacksperts in the near future.

    Quick Facts On Air New Zealand’s Onboard Snacks:

    Air New Zealand Seeks Snackperts for Latest Menu Upgrades
    • Every snack needs to be as easy to clean as it is to eat. Some aircraft only have 15-20 minutes to turn around for their next flight. Snacks that won’t make a huge mess and create lots of work for the airline’s team of cleaners are essential.
    • Snacks on the airline’s domestic flights must be easy to transport and fit into a selection of containers. Every morning and afternoon 1,200 snacks are loaded onto an aircraft. The snacks need to be small enough to fit in these containers.
    • Every aircraft has a specific amount of weight allocated for food and catering. The snacks must meet those weight restrictions.
    • The airline also tries to ensure there are gluten-free options available and, where possible, to source other options, including vegan and dairy-free.

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