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VINCI Airports Serve Over 77m Passengers In September

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During the third quarter of 2023, VINCI Airports witnessed a significant increase in passenger numbers. More than 77 million travelers utilized the network, which marked a 21% growth compared to the same period in 2022.

VINCI Airports

● Overall traffic figures in Q3 2023 were a substantial 21% higher than in summer 2022 and near pre-Covid (2019) levels.
● Passenger numbers reached all-time highs this September in Central America and Serbia.
● The seven airports in Cabo Verde joined the VINCI Airports network in July. Their traffic has been increasing for several months

Despite the prevailing macroeconomic tension in Europe, airlines were able to meet the strong demand by adding capacity for the summer season. In September, network-wide traffic was only 1.2% lower than the levels recorded in September 2019 and 22% higher than in September 2022.

Successful Integration of Seven Airports in Cabo Verde

An important development during this quarter was the successful integration of seven airports in Cabo Verde into VINCI Airports’ network. These airports have been experiencing a consistent upward trend in traffic, particularly in international flights. Compared to 2019, the volume of international traffic has increased significantly, as evidenced by the robust figures of flights connecting popular tourist destinations such as Sal, Boa Vista, and São Vicente with Western European cities like Lisbon and Paris.

Please note that all comparisons and variations mentioned in the subsequent paragraphs refer to the traffic levels in the third quarter of 2023, specifically in relation to the same period in 2022.

Vinci Airports in the Americas

The number of passengers reached record highs in September, driven by strong travel trends during the summer. In countries like Mexico, both local and US-based airlines increased flight frequencies on existing routes and introduced new routes for international and domestic travel. Traffic between the US and Mexico saw a notable 21% increase, while domestic travel experienced an 18% rise. This positive growth is expected to continue, as Viva Aerobus and Aeroméxico have announced new services following Mexico’s upgrade to Category 1 by the FAA [1].

The Dominican Republic and Costa Rica also experienced their highest-ever number of passengers in September, with the US being a key traffic source for both countries.

Vinci Airports in Europe

In Serbia, Belgrade airport saw a significant surge in traffic, thanks to airlines such as Wizz Air, Air Serbia, Turkish Airlines, and Swiss International. This increase in flights highlights the growing popularity and potential of the airport.

In Portugal, there has been a notable increase in services to the country’s islands and cities across Europe, reflecting the growth in traffic among low-cost carriers. Ryanair saw a 16% increase, easyJet 24%, and Transavia 13%. Additionally, transatlantic flights experienced significant growth as TAP, LATAM, and major US and Canadian airlines, including United Airlines and American Airlines, expanded their capacity to and from the US, Brazil, and Canada.

In France, several airports experienced an increase in passenger numbers this summer compared to last year. These airports are also witnessing a growth in their international connections. For example, low-cost carriers like Volotea, easyJet, Ryanair, and Transavia are increasing their capacity for domestic flights in Nantes. In Lyon, there is an expansion in international flights to North Africa, Spain, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. Lyon also received exciting news about long-haul connections, with Qatar Airways starting direct flights to Doha in July and Air Canada resuming flights from Montreal.

Traffic at London Gatwick exceeded the summer of 2022 despite the air traffic control disruptions. In addition to a busy schedule of European services, the airport has seen significant growth in long-haul flights in general and transatlantic flights. There was a 92% increase in passengers flying to and from the US with Norse Atlantic and British Airways.

Vinci Airports in Japan

Passenger numbers for certain flights within Asia, such as those to South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, have remained stable in Japan. However, there has been a noticeable increase in travel to and from China. To accommodate this demand, several airlines like ANA, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Etihad, and China Airlines have announced their intentions to boost flight capacity in the upcoming months. As a result, international air traffic is expected to recover and approach the levels seen in 2019 gradually.

1 The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is responsible for civil aviation in the United States. That Mexico has been upgraded to Category 1 means that its airlines may initiate new services to the US (when it was in Category 2, airlines could only maintain existing services, not add new ones).

About Vinci Airports

The world’s leading private airport operator, VINCI Airports, operates over 70 airports in 13 countries. Thanks to its expertise as a global integrator, VINCI Airports develops, finances, builds and manages airports by providing its investment capacity and know-how in optimizing operational performance, modernizing infrastructure, and managing their operations and environmental transition. VINCI Airports is the first airport operator to have committed to an international environmental strategy in 2016 to achieve the goal of net zero emissions across its entire network by 2050.

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