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Airbus Corporate Jets Brings Eutelsat OneWeb Onboard

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) has partnered with Eutelsat OneWeb to enhance the onboard connectivity experience for its customers through ACJ Connect Link. This collaboration involves leveraging OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite constellation and a specialized electronic flat antenna. The companies signed the official agreement during the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) held in Las Vegas.

“Through this ground-breaking agreement, ACJ is ensuring that current and future discerning owners and passengers will experience unrivaled high-speed internet in the air, no matter where they are flying” commented Regis Broutee, VP ACJ Services & Customer Support 

Furthermore, “The low latency and higher speed that is inherent in OneWeb’s latest generation Low Earth Orbit network, will facilitate a broad range of applications for passenger productivity and entertainment that to date have been out of reach while inflight.” added Jason Sperry, Head of Business Aviation at Eutelsat OneWeb.

Introducing a state-of-the-art satellite connectivity solution designed to enhance the experience of connected passengers. This innovative solution offers a significant improvement in terms of bandwidth and latency, providing passengers with a home-like experience on-board. With speeds ten times faster than existing Ka/Ku solutions, passengers can enjoy seamless streaming on multiple devices, access live TV, and even engage in video conferencing.

Additionally, the new flat antenna design not only enhances connectivity but also contributes to reducing drag. The ACJ Connect Link solution will be available on all Airbus Corporate Jets platforms starting in November, and it has already generated interest from potential early adopters.

Airbus ACJ TwoTwenty on Display at NBAA-BACE

ACJ TwoTwenty

Airbus Corporate Jet’s latest business jet, based on the A220 aircraft frame, is on display at NBAA-BACE. The aircraft offers at-home comfort with intercontinental range. The clean sheet design incorporates state-of-the-art materials and fly-by-wire technology, providing enhanced connectivity and dependability with reduced operating costs.

Design Your Own Cabin Experience

The ACJ TwoTwenty aircraft gives owners a feeling of home in the skies, tailored to their lifestyle. ACJ allows customers to customize their aircraft based on set design theme “Ambiances.” The manufacturer offers a designer tool online: ACJ TwoTwenty. ACJ representatives help customers finalize the details of their unique jet. The aircraft offers six lifestyle zones with room for dining, resting, meetings, entertainment and sleep.

Comlux, an exclusive outfitting partner of ACJ, operates an approved completion center in Indianapolis. With extensive experience in business jet operations, cabin outfitting, and VIP interior upgrades, Comlux has assembled a knowledgeable completion team. Working in collaboration with ACJ’s Head of Creative Design, Sylvain Mariat, the team has developed an innovative and functional flying experience.

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