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Groupe ADP Studies Hydrogen Pipeline Between Paris CDG and Orly Airports

Groupe ADP and GRTgaz have partnered to study hydrogen supply through a pipeline between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and Paris-Orly airports. The partners aim to support the decarbonization of air transport and the emergence of a hydrogen industry in France.

Hydrogen storage tank concept.  Group ADP Studies Hydrogen Pipeline Between Paris CDG and Orly Airports
Hydrogen storage tank concept. Source Group ADP

In collaboration with Airbus and Air Liquide, Groupe ADP conducted studies in 2021 to assess the challenges of integrating hydrogen infrastructure at Paris airports. Building on this research, the new partnership with GRTgaz will focus on exploring the transportation of gaseous hydrogen to airports for liquefaction, storage, and distribution to aircraft.

This collaboration is crucial in preparing for the arrival of hydrogen-powered aircraft. It represents a significant step towards achieving carbon neutrality in air travel.

Objectives of the Groupe ADP Hydrogen Pipeline Study

The study, which will extend over 12 months, has the following objectives:

  1. Evaluate and compare the technical and economic aspects of potential hydrogen supply chains for Paris airports, considering import and local hydrogen production.
  2. Identify the most feasible routes for these chains, including the possibility of constructing new pipelines.
  3. Establish a tentative timeline for the implementation of the required infrastructures.

GRTgaz will assess the technical and economic feasibility of various hydrogen supply logistics chains. That includes repurposing existing gas pipelines and constructing new ones. Groupe ADP will contribute its expertise in airport development, integrating hydrogen, and insight into the future hydrogen demand at Paris airports.

This collaborative effort between Groupe ADP and GRTgaz promises to advance sustainable air transport and foster the growth of the hydrogen industry in France.

Augustin de Romanet, Groupe ADP’s Chairman and CEO, said: “Hydrogen is part of the future of air transport. That’s why we need to start enabling the first hydrogen applications on the ground at airports now while being ready to welcome hydrogen-powered aircraft. This project, which we are proud to be working on with GRTgaz, is in line with our ambition to make Paris airports energy hubs serving sustainable air transport and the ecological transition of the regions in which they are located.”

Thierry Trouvé, GRTgaz’s CEO, noted, “Thanks to its flexibility, hydrogen will play a major role in decarbonizing the European economy, and in particular air mobility. Transport infrastructures will make it possible to transport hydrogen in large quantities. Some can be converted from transporting natural gas to transporting hydrogen. We are proud of the trust placed in us by the ADP Group, because this partnership will enable GRTgaz to make real progress on the implementation of the European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB ).”

Driving Hydrogen Innovation: GRTgaz’s Nationwide Consultation

GRTgaz, a leading renewable and low-carbon hydrogen transport advocate, initiated an unprecedented national consultation in June 2021. The aim was to gather insights into the market requirements for gas transport and storage infrastructures of hydrogen and low-carbon alternatives.

Paris airports boast distinctive attributes that could serve as catalysts for hydrogen advancement across France and its respective regions. These airports present many opportunities for local implementations. They include heavy mobility, utility vehicles, taxi fleets, aircraft groundhandling equipment, and the proliferation of hydrogen-powered aviation.

Groupe ADP, frontrunners in the aviation industry, were quick to show interest in GRTgaz’s hydrogen consultation. The dialogue between them explored the specific hydrogen mobility demands of Paris airports. The Group is progressively transforming its airport hubs into energy centers. Groupe ADP is integrating hydrogen and sustainable fuels to drive ecological transitions on the ground and in the air.

GRTgaz aims to establish an extensive hydrogen network in France by 2030. It will use new pipelines and repurpose a portion of the existing gas network. The company has embarked on projects in emerging hydrogen hubs, developing pipeline transmission infrastructure to support burgeoning hydrogen ecosystems. Long-term aspirations involve forging a national network interconnecting these hubs. They would seamlessly link with European counterparts and include storage capabilities. It’s a shared vision unanimously supported by stakeholders involved in the consultation process.

European Hydrogen Backbone Project

The European Hydrogen Backbone project will ensure the security of supply for hydrogen consumers in Europe. It includes plans for a hydrogen network linking 28 European countries by 2040.

The latest report of this project confirms the feasibility of a pan-European hydrogen infrastructure, particularly on converted existing gas infrastructures. The study presents a hydrogen pipeline network of almost 40,000 km by 2040.

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