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A Closer Look at AEGEAN’s Dazzling Neo-era Uniforms

Renowned Greek brands collaborate to create AEGEAN’s fresh brand image.

Greek airline AEGEAN has recently undergone a complete rebranding effort called Neo-era. As part of this transformation, the airline has partnered with the esteemed fashion brand Zeus+Δione to design its new uniforms. The creative direction of Marios Schwab was instrumental in creating uniforms that perfectly capture AEGEAN’s Neo-era philosophy, incorporating key elements and symbols.

Inspired by the Greek Sky and Sea

The new uniforms draw inspiration from the stunning Greek sky and sea colors. Designed by Zeus+Δione, they beautifully combine Greek heritage with AEGEAN’s vision of modernity. In line with AEGEAN’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, the collection offers a range of options that showcase the brand’s commitment to passenger experience and crew comfort.

The Zeus+Δione Creative Director’s vision includes unique touches such as stylish neck scarves, geometric asymmetries, and contrasting linear accents, enhancing the garments’ elegance. These classic yet modern designs underscore the finesse and sophistication of the uniforms.

Video Reveal of AEGEAN’s Neo-ERA Uniforms by Zeus+Δione

AEGEAN Reveals Neo-ERA Uniforms by Zeus+Δione

To complete the AEGEAN new look, the airline has partnered with KORRES, a pioneering Greek brand known for its natural cosmetics. KORRES’ makeup collection enhances the crew’s appearance, highlighting their natural beauty and individuality. This collaboration guarantees long-lasting, professional results, ensuring the crew looks elegant and feels comfortable throughout their flights.

The brand image refresh is the remarkable outcome of successful collaborations between AEGEAN, Zeus+Δione, and KORRES. These brands share the same values and proudly represent modern Greece internationally.

From October 23 onwards, AEGEAN’s captains, cabin crew, and ground staff will proudly welcome passengers in stylish new uniforms. This marks the exciting completion of the company’s image renewal, showcasing creativity and unity among these iconic Greek brands.

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