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Finnair Will Update Embraer Cabins to Match the Long-Haul Fleet

Finnair has announced that it will renew the cabins of its Embraer E190 aircraft to complement the long-haul fleet. The retrofit program will take place over the coming years.

Embraer 190 aircraft

The renewed fleet of Embraer aircraft will feature an attractive and inviting interior. The design incorporates familiar elements from the recently redesigned cabins of Finnair’s long-haul planes. Passengers will experience a refreshed and comfortable journey on board.

“We want to improve travel comfort and provide our customers with a high-quality travel experience across our route network,” says Ole Orvér, Chief Commercial Officer for Finnair. “We will bring similar elements and feeling to our Embraer fleet as we have used in our previously redesigned Airbus wide-body aircraft.”   

The airline will implement the fleet renewal during 2024–2025. The first updated aircraft will operate at the end of 2024. 

There are 12 Embraer E190 aircraft in the Finnair fleet. The renewed Embraer aircraft has 100 seats. Embraer E190 jet engine aircraft fly to Finnair’s domestic and European destinations. Nordic Regional Airlines operates Finnair flights with Embraer aircraft.

The Finnair Updated Long-Haul Fleet

Last year, Finnair revealed a new cabin concept for its A330 and A350 long-haul aircraft that included a revolutionary Business class — offering one of the coziest spaces in the air.

At Home in the Skies: Rethinking Business Class Travel

Experience the next level of luxury travel with Finnair’s new Business Class cabin and the revolutionary Collins Aerospace AirLounge seat. As the first airline to introduce this innovative seating concept, Finnair is equipping its entire fleet of A330s and A350s with the AirLounge.

Unlike traditional airplane seats, the AirLounge is inspired by lounge furniture. It provides unparalleled comfort, ample space, and the freedom to move around during long-haul flights. Designed with Nordic influences, the seat’s sleek lines and soothing color scheme perfectly complement Finnair’s signature aesthetic. This also reflects the design of the airline’s lounges at Helsinki Airport‘s non-Schengen area. Indulge in a truly exceptional travel experience with Finnair’s Business Class and the AirLounge.

Creating a Residential Environment on Finnair Aircraft

David Kondo from Finnair’s Customer Experience team, led the design work for the new Finnair long-haul experience. He said: “We wanted to rethink business class and create more of a residential environment, emulating the comfort you would expect at home. By doing away with complicated seat mechanisms and using 3D curved shells, we can provide a larger, flexible living space. This allows you to move more freely and take up different positions that traditional aircraft seats do not allow.”

PriestmanGoode of London originally conceived the seating concept. Collins Aerospace further developed the sat, with customization and final design execution by Finnair and its appointed design partner, Tangerine.

“The collaborative partnership with Finnair enabled the launch of this innovative seat and helped bring a truly unique cabin concept to life,” said Mark Vaughan, vice president and general manager of Interiors Seating for Collins Aerospace. “I truly believe that together we have set a new bar for passenger comfort and the travel experience.”

Customize Your Space Onboard

The seat features an innovative fixed contoured shell that allows different sitting and sleeping positions. You can adjust the seat to sit at various angles. Rest your feet on the ottoman, or create a flat surface using infill panels. When you’re ready to unwind, the seat transforms into a comfortable bed with a mattress and duvet. Additionally, AirLounge offers a high cocoon-like shell for privacy. Passengers can lower a divider when traveling with a companion.

The seat offers customizable lighting options to enhance the ambiance. They include a reading light and a do-not-disturb light for complete privacy. Complementing the in-seat lighting, the cabin mood lighting combats jetlag. It replicates the beauty of the northern lights.

When it comes to storage, the seat provides various compartments for personal items, laptops, and all necessary pillows and blankets. All the storage spaces are certified for taxi, take-off, and landing, ensuring convenience right from the start of the journey.

For added functionality, the seat includes a flexible table that passengers can use for reading, dining, or working. There are also multiple connectivity options, such as USB ports, PC power, and wireless mobile charging. Plus, all of Finnair’s long-haul aircraft provide internet connectivity.

Last but not least, the Inflight Entertainment System offers a user-friendly interface and a wider 18-inch screen. It ensures an enjoyable and entertaining flight experience.

Nordic-style Design Collaborations, New Bar Area, and Meal Concept

Finnair, known for its longstanding design tradition, has collaborated with leading Finnish design firms to enhance the cabin environment and elevate the premium travel experience. These partnerships have resulted in the introduction of exquisite new textiles and tableware.

New Iittala Kuulas tableware for Finnair’s flights – Design by Harri Koskinen

To ensure a cohesive and stylish dining experience, the airline serves all meals on exquisite chinaware from the renowned Finnish design house, Iittala. Specifically, the “Kuulas” dining collection, designed by the talented Harri Koskinen, which draws inspiration from contemporary home aesthetics. These thoughtfully crafted items add beauty to the cabin. They are also lighter, contributing to the aircraft’s weight and CO2 reduction goals.

Finnair’s new long-haul travel experience includes new Iittala tableware. It was designed exclusively for Finnair by Harri Koskinen, one of Finland’s best-known contemporary designers. Koskinen created the Kuulas collection for Finnair’s long-haul business class, the new premium economy travel class, and short-haul business class.

Tableware to Support the Cabin Experience and Sustainability

The new Iittala Kuulas tableware enhances the flying experience. The modern home-like environment inspires it. The collection, designed by Harri Koskinen, includes plates, bowls, cups, tumblers, wine glasses, and cutlery.

“In the long-haul business class and the new premium economy class, dining is an important part of the whole, and we wanted to complement the experience with fresh Nordic design,” says Kristos Mavrostomos, who is responsible for developing the tableware in Finnair’s Inflight CX team.

Finnair has introduced new, lighter tableware for their in-flight service. This new tableware also supports Finnair’s weight reduction and emission targets. It is almost 20% lighter than the airline’s previous tableware.

To create this new tableware, Finnair collaborated closely with various parties, including their chefs from Finnair Kitchen. The main goal was to enhance the overall travel experience. The design process considered the kitchen’s needs and the desired cabin ambiance. The result is the Kuulas tableware, used for meals in both the business and the new premium economy classes. This new meal concept focuses on the best of Nordic cuisine with influences from Japan and Asia.

“As a designer, I was fascinated by Finnair’s idea for the new flight experience to make the cabin feel like home. Even though the Kuulas tableware is designed for the in-flight environment, the main task was to create authentic, familiar items that would remind the user of home and tableware used in everyday life. Lasting materials and thoughtful design create a premium experience,” Koskinen says.

A Collaboration Dating Back to the 1960s

The collaboration between Finnair and Iittala began as early as the 1960s. Tapio Wirkkala designed the iconic Ultima Thule glassware series in 1968. It first launched in 1969 for Finnair’s New York flights. The airline will continue to use Ultima Thule glass to serve Finnair’s business-class champagne.

“Already since the 1960s Iittala and Finnair’s co-operation has been promoting Nordic design around the world. We are delighted to continue the co-operation with the new Kuulas tableware. As a result of Harri Koskinen’s expertise in design, the Kuulas collection is functional and reflects timeless, Nordic aesthetics – elements essential in Iittala’s design,” says Carolina Bade, VP of Iittala’s business and offering. Kuulas tumblers are made in the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. They will also be available for consumers to buy in Iittala’s and Finnair’s retail outlets.

An Enhanced Culinary Journey

Business Class passengers can look forward to an enhanced culinary journey with a refreshed selection of meals and beverages. They can indulge in up to six-course meals in a modern bistro-style format and a lighter meal option. Additionally, the aircraft’s main entrance now features a stunning refreshment area where passengers can enjoy refreshments between meals.

Marimekko Pillows and Duvets

For utmost comfort during the flight, Business Class passengers enjoy luxurious pillows and duvets by the Finnish fashion house Marimekko. The artist behind the iconic design is Maija Isola. The elegantly adorned pillows and duvets feature soothing dark colors, adding a touch of style to the cabin environment.

Upscale Travel: Finnair’s new Premium Economy Cabin for Long-haul Fleet

Importantly, Finnair has introduced a new travel option called Premium Economy for its long-haul customers. This spring, the airline debuted this new travel class, a refreshed Economy Class, and a unique new Business Class.

Premium Economy offers a more spacious and comfortable seating choice than Economy Class. With approximately 50% more space, the stylish and intimate cabin accommodates only 26 passengers per aircraft.

The Premium Economy seat prioritizes customer comfort. It features memory foam cushions, a deep 8” recline, a waterfall leg rest, and a 6-way headrest. Additionally, passengers will find dedicated storage for laptops and personal items, ensuring convenience throughout the flight.

Passengers can enjoy the redesigned in-flight entertainment system on 13” wide screens. The airline offers a great selection of movies and TV shows. The seat also includes amenities like individual reading lights, universal power outlets, and USB-A ports for device charging.

Premium Economy customers can look forward to two meal services during the flight. A three-course meal is served on specially-designed chinaware by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. To enhance the onboard experience, Finnair has collaborated with Marimekko, a well-known Finnish design house, to provide unique textiles. They include neck pillows and woven blankets.

Design of the New Finnair Premium Economy Cabin

Finnair worked closely with HAECO, a leading aircraft seat manufacturer, to create customized and comfortable “Vector Premium” seats for Premium Economy. The airline’s partnership with London-based design agency Tangerine resulted in the sleek and functional design of the cabin.

With the introduction of Premium Economy, Finnair aims to provide its customers with more choices and an elevated travel experience.

Ole Orvér, Finnair’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “The trend for premium travel has significantly accelerated during the pandemic, so we are confident our new Premium Economy travel class will prove very popular with customers looking for an upgraded experience from Economy.”

Launching the new Premium Economy cabin is part of Finnair’s significant €200million investment in all the airline’s long-haul aircraft to enhance the customer experience.

Updated Long-Haul Economy Class

Finnair significantly improved its long-haul Economy Class, aiming to create a more comfortable atmosphere for passengers on their extended flights. As part of this effort, the airline introduced lighter seating options on its A330 and three new A350 aircraft. These new seats feature enhanced ergonomics, offering passengers more personal storage choices and USB A & C connectivity. Additionally, the inflight entertainment (IFE) screens will be larger and feature an updated user interface for a better viewing experience.

Importantly, Finnair also updated the Economy cabins on its existing A350s to match the new Business and Premium Economy cabins. This makeover will include new seat covers and an improved IFE user experience.

The design choices made for this cabin class will influence the future redesign of Finnair’s Embraer E190s.

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