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Cathay Adopts Lufthansa Systems Global Aviation Cloud Solution

Cathay Pacific joins other APAC airlines, moving their crucial systems to the cloud by implementing Lufthansa Systems Global Aviation Cloud (GAC) solutions.

Cathay Adopts Lufthansa Systems Global Aviation Cloud Solution
Copyright: Cathay Pacific; From left to right: Jon Toller (GM of IOC at Cathay Pacific), Peggie Ching (Project Manager at Cathay Pacific), Leo Leung (Solution Lead at Cathay Pacific), Charlotte Seitel (Sales Director, Hong Kong and Macau at Lufthansa Systems), Sunil Kamath (Product Delivery Manager, NetLine/Ops ++ at Lufthansa Systems)

Cathay Pacific successfully moved its crucial operational systems, including NetLine Ops++, NetLine/Sched, and NetLine/Plan, to the Global Aviation Cloud (GAC) with the help of Lufthansa Systems. This migration is a significant milestone in their efforts to streamline operations and improve efficiency. By leveraging the secure and scalable infrastructure of the GAC, Cathay Pacific can ensure reliable performance and smooth integration of Lufthansa Systems’ products. This move enables the airline to stay ahead in the ever-changing aviation industry.

  • Cathay Pacific and Lufthansa Systems migrate the airline’s operations and business-critical systems to the Global Aviation Cloud (GAC)  
  • Lufthansa Systems’ NetLine Ops++, NetLine/Sched and NetLine/Plan are part of Cathay Pacific’s critical systems 
  • The migration allows Cathay Pacific to maintain a competitive edge in the aviation industry.

Lufthansa Systems Global Aviation Cloud (GAC)

The Global Aviation Cloud (GAC), developed by Lufthansa Systems, meets the unique needs and security standards of airlines. It provides a comprehensive service package, including hosting and infrastructure. Cathay Pacific’s migration to the GAC will offer them a deployment model that is flexible and adaptable. It allows the airline to concentrate on its core business and easily adjust to evolving demands.

“We are pleased to have these operational and business-critical systems in Lufthansa Systems’ Global Aviation Cloud,” said Lawrence Fong, Director of Digital and IT at Cathay Pacific. “Having been working with NetLine/Plan, NetLine/Sched, and NetLine/Ops ++, we have experienced Lufthansa Systems as a reliable partner. This new infrastructure setup has enabled us to deliver enhanced value to customers faster and with improved performance.”

“We would like to thank Cathay Pacific for their trust placed in our Global Aviation Cloud and their support during the migration project,” said David Parrish, Vice President of Sales, Southeast Asia, China & Indochina at Lufthansa Systems. 

“This milestone would not have been achievable without Cathay Pacific’s collaboration and valuable feedback, which continues to drive our pursuit of excellence,” said Charlotte Seitel, Sales Director, Hong Kong and Macau.

How NetLine/Ops++ and NetLine/Sched Work for Cathay

NetLine/Ops ++ is an operation control system developed by Lufthansa System. Cathay Pacific uses this system to improve the management of their flights. It increases productivity and handles any deviations from Cathay’s regular schedule. The system collects and analyzes various data, including weather conditions and technical limitations. The system helps Cathay Pacific identify potential critical situations. This enables the airline to take quick action to prevent and resolve disruptions.

NetLine/Sched is a scheduling solution provided by Lufthansa Systems. It supports Cathay Pacific in developing and managing flight schedules by assessing the profitability impacts of different scheduling scenarios. This helps them create a flexible and efficient aircraft schedule.

NetLine/Plan is an advanced network planning tool developed by Lufthansa Systems in collaboration with top network airlines worldwide. It offers speed, accuracy, and transparency, enabling airlines to maximize profitability across their entire schedule.

About Lufthansa Systems

Lufthansa Systems GmbH is a leading provider of airline IT solutions dedicated to shaping the future of digital aviation. With over 25 years of experience, they are experts in combining industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology. The IT company is a subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. It offers a wide range of innovative IT products and services to more than 350 airline customers. From the cockpit to the cabin and on the ground, Lufthansa Systems covers all aspects of an airline’s operations. Committed to sustainability, Lufthansa Systems is focused on reducing its own environmental impact and helping its customers worldwide do the same. Headquartered in Raunheim, Germany, Lufthansa Systems has a dedicated team of approximately 2,800 employees across 16 countries.

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