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More Wonders Inside the Refreshed Changi Terminal 2

A refreshed Changi Airport Terminal 2 fully reopens.

Changi Airport Terminal 2 (T2) has recently completed its much-anticipated expansion project ahead of schedule. This milestone achievement allows Changi Airport to restore its four-terminal operations, effectively increasing its capacity to handle up to 90 million passengers annually. The completion of T2’s expansion comes at a crucial time as the travel industry anticipates a full recovery to pre-Covid levels by 2024.

Inside Changi Airport's refreshed T2. Image: Changi Airport Group
Inside Changi Airport’s refreshed T2. Image: Changi Airport Group

During the T2 Expansion Opening Ceremony, Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo Chee Hean, commended Changi Airport Group (CAG), said: “The T2 expansion project started in January 2020, two months before Singapore closed its borders because of the Covid-19 pandemic. At the time, no one knew how severe the pandemic would be, or how long it would last. But Changi Airport Group (CAG) pushed ahead with the T2 expansion, driven by the conviction that our Changi air hub would not only recover from the pandemic, but emerge stronger.”

This successful completion of the T2 expansion sets the stage for Changi Airport to accommodate the anticipated increase in air travel demand effectively. The T2 expansion project adds five million passengers annually to Changi’s capacity. With a restored four-terminal system, Changi Airport is ready to welcome travelers with enhanced facilities and an improved capacity to ensure a seamless and memorable experience for all passengers.

Nature and immersive experiences in the terminal

T2 Terminal has a unique design that draws inspiration from nature. The terminal features elements like ceiling designs, wall finishes, and carpet patterns that resemble natural landscapes. The presence of lush green columns with diverse plant displays adds to the overall tranquil atmosphere, creating a soothing experience for passengers and visitors.

The Rhythms of The Wonderfall

The Wonderfall at Changi Airport Terminal 2
Immerse yourself in the serenity and artistry of The Wonderfall at Changi Airport T2. Image: Changi Airport Group

One of the main attractions in T2’s departure hall is a stunning digital display known as “The Wonderfall.” Surrounded by a vertical garden, this display showcases the mesmerizing beauty of nature. With a captivating waterfall flowing over large rocks, it takes viewers on an immersive journey into a world of wonder.

As you embark on your airport journey, immerse yourself in the tranquil ambiance and the mesmerizing allure of flowing water.

The Wonderfall is a magnificent masterpiece, standing at an impressive 14 meters tall and an impressive 17 meters wide. With its 892 flat and flexi-curved tiles, this LED wall seamlessly blends with the vertical green wall and stucco façade of T2, creating a visually stunning spectacle.

Enhancing the experience is the enchanting ‘Rhythms of Nature’ show, accompanied by the beautiful piano compositions of Jean-Michel Blais. Be captivated as the water dances harmoniously with the music, creating moments of grandeur that will leave you in awe. This remarkable performance occurs every 30 minutes, offering a tranquil respite amidst your airport journey.

A Charming Dreamscape at Changi Airport

Dreamscape at Changi Airport’s new T2. Image: Changi Airport Group

Discover an oasis of serenity at the departure transit area with the captivating Dreamscape garden. Immerse yourself in a stunning display of vibrant plants against a meticulously designed backdrop. As you explore, marvel at the mesmerizing ‘digital sky’ that dynamically shifts colors, evoking the different moods of the day.

The Changi Airport T2 Expansion Project

The recent T2 expansion project has significantly increased the size of the terminal building, adding over 21,000 square meters of space. This expansion aims to enhance the overall infrastructure, introduce new systems, and offer a wider range of retail options for travelers. One of the notable improvements is the central common-use Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) zone, which now features nearly twice as many automated check-in kiosks and bag drop machines. The immigration halls have also been expanded, providing additional automated immigration lanes to serve more passengers efficiently.

T2 is proud to be the first terminal at Changi Airport to introduce automated Special Assistance Lanes, catering specifically to individuals with disabilities and young children. These lanes are available at arrival and departure immigration points, ensuring a seamless experience for those in need. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art early baggage storage system has been implemented at T2, utilizing fully automated processes that can accommodate up to 2,400 bags.

Mr Tan Lye Teck, CAG’s Programme Director for the Terminal 2 Expansion Project, said, “Changi Airport has always been pushing the boundaries of airport service and innovation while staying ahead of the latest trends in digital as well as retail and dining offerings. With T2, we sought to enhance the passenger experience, bringing together a modern terminal inspired by nature, with immersive digital experiences, innovative technology, as well as transformative retail and dining concepts that create a sense of place. This expansion project augments Changi’s handling capacity, allowing us to serve more passengers in the years ahead. We hope T2 will set a new benchmark for customer service and delight among airports. And we hope every user will find great pleasure and discover wonder whenever they travel through T2.” 

New retail-entertainment and dining at Changi T2

Changi Airport is not just an air hub but a thriving lifestyle destination that continues to impress. Over the past month, new retail and food & beverage stores have sprouted up at T2’s public and transit areas, adding a touch of enchantment to the traveler’s journey.

If you find yourself in the public areas of T2, prepare to be delighted by a range of exciting concepts. Among them is the first-ever Funko pop-up in Southeast Asia. Here, collectors can discover exclusive Singaporean figurines, including the iconic Merlion, and even strike a pose with larger-than-life Funko statues of beloved fictional characters.

The departure hall now boasts three newly introduced homegrown brands. Discover the distinct scents and locally handmade products by Lynk Fragrances. Treat yourself to delectable, authentic Peranakan confectionaries at Baker’s Well. And satisfy your cravings for local “kopitiam” delights, such as mouthwatering “prata” flatbreads, at Café O.

Exciting things are also happening at Jones the Grocer, Changi Airport’s first landside duplex café. The ground level now features a convenient grab-and-go deli counter, while an upper-level bar and restaurant, complete with a show kitchen, are set to open later this year. And don’t miss the fresh new concept brought by JINJJA Kitchen, the Korean fast-food chain, where you can savor hotplate “bulgogi” and trendy Croffles (croissant waffles).

Changi Airport never ceases to amaze, offering not just seamless travel experiences but also memorable encounters with delightful shopping and dining options.

More Pleasures in Transit at Changi Airport T2

Enjoy a visual feast of Li Bai’s moonlit reverie while waiting for Toni’s mechanical artistry to serve cocktails. Image: Changi Airport Group

The latest addition to Changi Airport’s retail scene is the Lotte Duty-Free Wines & Spirits store. This expansive two-story establishment offers an impressive selection of premium liquor alongside a captivating feature – the state-of-the-art robot bartender known as Toni. As you explore the store, don’t miss the mesmerizing 30-meter LED ring display. It pays tribute to the renowned Tang dynasty poet Li Bai and his timeless masterpiece, “Drinking Alone Under the Moon.”

For a touch of luxury, head up to the upper level and immerse yourself in the enchanting Forest of Li Bai lounge. Here, you can indulge in a sampling of 18 refined whiskey options from an impressive wall of dispensers. Make sure to capture the moment with your favorite K-pop artist in the smart selfie mirror and admire the vibrant colors of the LED ceiling display.

Satisfy Your Cravings at Gourmet Garden

If hunger strikes, go to the Gourmet Garden, an exquisite dining area offering panoramic views of the airport apron and lush foliage. Look out for the renowned Hard Rock Cafe, where you can savor their legendary steak burgers, lip-smacking baby back ribs, and signature cocktails, all while browsing through unique collector’s merchandise.

For a true taste of Singapore, head to the Gourmet Garden’s culinary highlights. Discover the iconic Satay Club by Harry’s, famous for its delectable skewers. Don’t miss their fusion cocktail creations, including the refreshing Chendol Colada and the innovative TSK “Kopi” Ice, not to mention the world-class Harry’s Singapore Sling.

Indulge in the nation’s beloved dish at Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice, where you can savor Singapore’s renowned chicken rice. For a quick bite or a traditional breakfast, visit The Hainan Story, a delightful bakery and coffee & toast kiosk serving freshly made pastries and the distinctive Kopi Gu You, a buttery coffee delight. Craving more local favorites? Look no further than CRAVE Nasi Lemak, offering the popular coconut rice dish with various mouthwatering sides, or Old Chang Kee, known for its signature curry puffs and delicious finger foods.

Whether a traveler or a local, the new offerings at Changi Airport’s Lotte Duty-Free Wines & Spirits, Forest of Li Bai, and the Gourmet Garden promise an unforgettable experience, blending world-class shopping and dining with a touch of Singaporean charm.

10 Things To Do At Changi Airport’s Fresh New Terminal 2

1. Take In the Terminal Architecture and Design

Changi Airport's refreshed T2
Changi Airport’s refreshed T2. Image: Changi Airport Group

Experience the stunning architecture and design of the terminal as you navigate through its natural elements and lush greenery. The carpet, inspired by natural topography, guides your path while beautiful blown glass chandeliers hang from above. Sit back, relax, and appreciate the beauty around you.

2. Let The Mesmerizing Wonderfall Soothe You

Be captivated by the mesmerizing digital waterfall in the departure hall. The rippling water illuminated by naturalistic lighting creates a truly enchanting sight. The Wonderfall seamlessly blends into the terminal, offering different viewpoints to admire this stunning display.

3. Immerse Yourself in Dreamscape

Escape into a tranquil oasis at Dreamscape, a garden in transit. Engage all your senses as you take in the sights and sounds of nature. Surround yourself with diverse flora, allowing you to recharge and find serenity before your flight.

4. Shop ‘Til You Drop

Refreshed retail entertainment opportunities at Changi Airport T2. Source: Changi Airport Group
Refreshed retail entertainment opportunities at Changi Airport T2. Source: Changi Airport Group

Indulge in some retail therapy even before boarding your flight. Explore local scent shop Lynk Fragrances, Funko’s pop culture figurine pop-up, or traditional Chinese medicine at Eu Yan Sang. Find unique souvenirs, indulge in luxury brands like Gucci and Prada, or stock up on beauty products from Cosmetics & Perfumes by Shilla.

5. Experience Lotte’s Luxurious Duplex

Sample a swig of spirits at Lotte’s luxurious new duplex. Image: Changi Airport Group

Step into Lotte Duty-Free’s double-story store and be amazed by its extensive selection of liquors. Have a drink made by Toni, the cocktail-making robot bartender, and be awestruck by the LED ring overhead. Explore The Forest of Li Bai on the upper level, featuring 18 whiskeys, a selfie mirror with K-pop stars, and a comfortable lounge.

6. Delight in International Flavors

Changi Airport’s T2 is a microcosm of cuisine. Image: Changi Airport Group 

Treat your taste buds to a culinary journey at T2. Enjoy delicious dim sum from Swee Choon, savor a cup of coffee from Indonesia’s Kenangan Coffee, or indulge in Korean favorites at JINJJA Kitchen. Experience fusion food at The Satay Club by Harry’s or slurp up a bowl of ramen at Ippodo Express.

7. Get Creative at Flap Pix

Get creative with the split-flap display at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Image: Changi Airport Group
Get creative with the split-flap display at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Image: Changi Airport Group

Capture unique memories at Flap Pix, an installation that brings vintage technology to life. Have fun with the split-flap flight information board by taking creative selfies and preserving the nostalgia of this iconic feature.

8. Touch Up at Stylish Restrooms

Refreshed washrooms at Changi Airport T2. Image: Changi Airport Group

Freshen up in style at the sleek and modern toilets in the departure hall. Enjoy the botanical surroundings while taking care of your needs. Convenient facilities, including family washrooms and baby care options, are also available.

9. Do A Little Plane Spotting from Gourmet Garden

Relax at Gourmet Garden and enjoy panoramic views of up to 16 aircraft tailfins. Take in the culinary delights while observing the bustling activity between arrivals and departures.

10. Have Fun With Your Kids at 2 Bears Hideout

Two Bears Hideout kids play zone at Changi Airport Group.
The 2 Bears Hideout at Changi Airport T2. Image: Changi Airport Group

Let your little ones embark on a playful adventure at 2 Bears Hideout. They can explore a beehive, bounce on a honeycomb, and let their imaginations run wild in this exciting playscape.

Accolades and Awards

Changi Airport Terminal 2 has been awarded the BCA Universal Design Excellence Award for its design and user-friendliness, as well as the BCA Green Mark Platinum for incorporating sustainability features to ensure the highest level of environmental performance.

Changi Airport T2: 16 Airlines Fly to 40 Cities, Connecting the World

With 16 airlines operating at T2, the terminal offers flights to 40 cities, connecting passengers worldwide. Since the reopening of the arrival south wing in May 2022, T2 has served close to 10 million passengers. It is worth noting that in September 2023, despite the ongoing impact of the pandemic, Changi Airport’s passenger traffic reached approximately 90% of pre-Covid levels, showcasing the resilience and popularity of this international travel hub.

Airlines Operating at Changi Airport T2:

Air India, Air India Express, Air Japan, Air Macau, All Nippon Airways, Etihad, Ethiopian Airlines, Firefly, Indigo, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Swiss International Air Lines, United Airlines.

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