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WestJet Completes Ultra-Low-Cost Swoop Integration

The WestJet Group marks the successful integration of ultra-low-cost airline Swoop.

The WestJet Group has successfully integrated its ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), Swoop, into WestJet’s 737 operations. Critically, this integration enhances WestJet’s ability to serve a wider range of passengers. With a fleet of 180 aircraft, WestJet now offers affordable travel options while ensuring a premium in-flight experience.

Swoop aircraft
Swoop last flight. Image: WestJet

“As the first ULCC to enter the Canadian market, in 2018, Swoop pioneered the no-frills product in Canada and was best-in-class in generating ancillary revenues,” said Alexis von Hoensbroech, WestJet Group Chief Executive Officer. “By keeping costs low, Swoop was able to offer the most competitive fares and appeal to Canadian travelers of all demographics. As we conclude this integration, we will learn from Swoop’s successes to best serve our guests with diversified product offerings that meet a variety of needs.”

WestJet’s Swoop Integration: ULCC Model Upgrade

Over five years, WestJet has gained valuable experience operating as a true ULCC (Ultra-Low-Cost Carrier) in Canada. This expertise contributes to their low-cost strategy. As the country’s largest purchaser of narrow-body aircraft, WestJet is well-positioned to leverage Swoop’s ultra-low-cost product. Essentially, this allows WestJet to offer affordable fares and various vacation packages across its narrow-body fleet.

To optimize space, WestJet plans to increase seating capacity in the rear section of their 737 aircraft. Importantly, the airline will maintain a premium cabin upfront. This approach ensures they can cater to a wide range of passengers, with ultra-low-cost and premium options on every flight.

“We want to commend all current and former Swoop employees on a job well done. Thank you for your hard work, commitment and passion that made Swoop possible,” concluded von Hoensbroech.

About the WestJet Group

Since its launch in 1996, WestJet has been a game-changer in travel. With a mission to make flying more affordable for Canadians, WestJet quickly became the leading low-cost airline in Canada. They also expanded their services to include vacation packages, making it easier for Canadians to explore the world.

Today, the WestJet Group comprises several well-known brands, including WestJet, Sunwing Airlines, Sunwing Vacations Group, and WestJet Cargo. Together, these brands employ over 14,000 dedicated professionals who serve 37 communities across Canada. They offer flights to an impressive 74 destinations in 27 countries.

One of the notable services provided by WestJet Cargo is its air cargo operations. Flying WestJet’s aircraft and a specialized fleet of Boeing 737-800 converted freighters, it offers reliable and efficient air cargo services.

WestJet is committed to making travel affordable and accessible to all Canadians.

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