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Norwegian Served Over 2m Passengers in October

    In October, Norwegian Airlines had 2.1 million passengers on their flights. Their planes were quite full, with an average load factor of 86.1 percent. This was a popular time for air travel, especially with the autumn holidays in the Nordic region. Passengers were heading off to various destinations across Europe. The airline had a great track record for staying on schedule, with 99.4 percent of all their planned flights taking off as planned.

    Norwegian Passengers enjoying beverages on Boeing 737 MAX

    “We are very satisfied with October’s traffic figures. Many Nordic customers took advantage of the autumn holidays, prolonging the summer season with trips to our many popular city and beach destinations across Scandinavia and Europe. I am particularly happy to see that we have managed to reduce our CO2 emissions by four percent compared to the same period last year, thanks to flying more modern aircraft and using the latest technology when navigating in the air,” said Geir Karlsen, CEO of Norwegian.

    In October, Norwegian saw a 10 percent increase in passengers, reaching 2,066,296. They operated an average of 78 aircraft, with almost all scheduled flights taking place. The punctuality rate for departing flights was 85.0 percent, and 98 percent of all flights arrived on schedule or within one hour of the scheduled time. Overall, Norwegian had a successful month with steady growth and strong performance.

    Well prepared for the winter season ahead

    “We recently published our financial results for what has been one of the absolute strongest quarters in our 21-year history. We are well prepared for the quieter winter trading period with reduced capacity and favourable hedging position on fuel, among other actions. Our ticket sales for Christmas and New Year are solid, both domestically and to our European destinations, and I would like to thank the increasing number of Nordic travelers who choose to fly with us for leisure and business,” said Karlsen.

    Norwegian has recently partnered with TUI, a top charter travel operator in Europe. Under this agreement, Norwegian will operate flights on behalf of TUI from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark to various European destinations. Although there has been a slight decrease in booking activities due to seasonal fluctuations, ticket sales for the upcoming months are still promising for leisure and business travelers.

    About Norwegian

    Norwegian is the largest airline in Norway and one of Europe’s top low-cost carriers. With about 4,500 employees, it offers a wide range of flights connecting Nordic countries to various European destinations. Since 2002, over 300 million passengers have chosen to fly with Norwegian. The company’s primary mission is to make air travel more affordable for everyone while providing greater flexibility throughout the journey.

    Norwegian is committed to driving sustainability and revolutionizing the aviation industry. Their goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by 45 percent by 2030. To achieve this, the company is focusing on fleet renewal, promoting the use of sustainable aviation fuel, minimizing waste, and using advanced weather data to plan the most fuel-efficient flight paths—Norwegian aims to become a greener and more sustainable choice for its passengers.

    Norwegian Traffic Figures for October

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