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Alaska Airlines Brings Favorites Back For Winter Menu

Alaska Airlines is bringing back a taste of nostalgia with its ‘Greatest Hits’ Menu, featuring beloved inflight meals that were popular in the past. From this winter through spring 2024, passengers can enjoy a selection of classic dishes, new seasonal chef-curated meals, and exciting beverages.

JUST Egg™ Mexican Egg Bites – JUST Egg™ Mexican inspired egg bites, herb roasted potatoes, and a fresh pumpkin-ancho salsa.

Alaska Airlines: ‘Greatest Hits’ Menu

The menu includes various options, including the JUST Egg™ Mexican Egg Bites served with herb-roasted potatoes and a fresh pumpkin-ancho salsa. In addition to new creations, there are also returning favorites based on passenger and crew feedback. Among the 35 First Class entrees, two dozen beloved dishes are coming back. They include the Jerk Chicken with coconut curry fried rice and the Kalbi Beef in a flavorful Korean BBQ sauce.

So, whether you’re looking to enjoy culinary favorites or try something new, Alaska Airlines’ ‘Greatest Hits’ Menu offers the perfect blend of flavors for passengers in First Class and Main Cabin.

Kalbi Beef – Korean BBQ braised beef steak, coconut curry fried rice, sesame fried greens, and a Korean BBQ sauce.

Alaska is also launching fresh dishes made of fresh ingredients that will become popular hits among guests, including the Steak & Shrimp and Mediterranean Lentils, available in First Class.

Everything Bagel Strata – Baked egg and bagel strata, everything bagel seasoning, served with grilled chicken-apple sausage, potato pancakes and a roasted red pepper sauce. (left) | Southwest Ranchero Eggs – Chicken chorizo sausage, toasted farro, marinated pinto beans, cage-free scrambled eggs, cotija cheese, salsa verde, and scallions. (right)

Celebrity favorite — Alaska’s Sesame Chicken and Rice — will be served to First Class guests throughout the winter! Actor and comedian Dax Shepard recently posted on social media he “was still reeling” over two servings of the roasted chicken with sesame teriyaki glaze on an Alaska Airlines flight from Burbank to Portland.

Alaska Airlines Menu Selection

Jerk Chicken – Pan-seared Caribbean spiced chicken breast, fried plantains, roasted baby pepper, cilantro lime rice, Jamaican jerk sauce. (left)Mediterranean Lentils – Slowly braised spiced lentils, turmeric roasted cauliflower, pickled onions, roasted tomatoes, sliced almonds, and an olive & herb dressing. (right)550+ miles🍽️ Fruit Plate with Ellenos® Granola & Yogurt 🍽️ Plant-Based Granola & Fruit (vegan & made without gluten ingredients) 🍽️ Protein Plate with Curry Apricot Dip 🍽️ Signature Fruit & Cheese Plate 775+ miles🍽️ Apple Walnut Salad 🍽️ Beet’s So Fly Salad 🍽️ Fall Harvest Salad 🍽️ Gochujang Chicken Sandwich   🍽️ Kale & Blood Orange Salad 🍽️ Pesto Chicken Sandwich 🍽️ Sesame Chicken & Rice 🍽️ Tillamook® Burger 
1100+ miles🍽️ Agrodolce Chicken 🍽️ Everything Bagel Strata 🍽️ Ginger Beef Lo Mein 🍽️ Jerk Chicken 🍽️ Moroccan Chicken 🍽️ Peruvian Steak & Rice 🍽️ Poblano Corn Omelet 🍽️ Pulled Pork Breakfast Scramble 🍽️ Southwest Ranchero Eggs 1525+  miles🍽️ Roasted Chicken & Delicata Squash  2100+ miles🍽️ Kalbi Beef  To Hawaii: 
🍽️ Smoked Salmon & Curried Vegetables 
775+ miles🍽️ Jetsetter’s Jam 🍽️ Signature Fruit & Cheese Platter To/From Hawaii: 
🍽️ Tillamook® Cheeseburger 
1100+ miles🍽️ Beet’s So Fly Salad 🍽️ Charcuterie Platter 🍽️ Chicken Curry Wrap 🍽️ Chicken Shawarma 🍽️ Fall Harvest Salad 🍽️ Morning Protein Platter with Smoked Salmon Dip 🍽️ Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich with Bacon and Scallion Aioli 
In the Main Cabin, guests will once again have the option to pre-order the Chicken Curry Wrap and the popular Beets So Fly Salad made with a medley of flavors, including pickled beets, mixed greens, feta cheese, and chicken breast in a Dijon balsamic dressing.

Keeping Favorites Based on Feedback from Customers and Crew

“Part of redesigning our menu every few months means trying new entrees and saying goodbye to old ones. But there is always a meal that guests can’t wait to eat again and don’t want to see go. We looked back at what entrees guests and our crews loved the most over the years and built a menu around our top favorite Alaska dishes,” said Todd Traynor-Corey, managing director of guest products at Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Coffee: Custom Brew Designed For Altitude

Alaska Airlines has exciting news for travelers! Starting from December 1, they will be offering a range of new beverages on their flights. Get ready to enjoy freshly brewed Stumptown Coffee, which pairs perfectly with Alaska’s new oat milk creamer. You can also choose from a selection of Stash Tea flavors, including English Breakfast, Super Mint, and Premium Green.

Alaska Airlines has partnered with Portland-based Stumptown Coffee. Together, they have created a proprietary blend specifically designed for a delightful coffee experience at 30,000 feet. This unique blend will be available in all cabins by December 1. Alaska Airlines also offers a range of other premium West Coast products, including Straightaway Cocktails (from Portland), Sierra Nevada Brewing (from California), Seattle Chocolate (from Washington), Fremont Brewing (from Seattle), Tillamook® Cheese (from Oregon), and Beecher’s ® Cheese (from Seattle).

The airline’s exclusive custom roast will be served on all Alaska flights starting this fall and will be available on every flight by December 1, 2023. Guests can enjoy Stumptown Coffee not only during their flight, but also in Alaska’s lounges in Portland and JFK airports. Stumptown’s Holler Mountain blend is served for brewed coffee, while their Hair Bender blend is used to create delicious handcrafted espresso beverages. For those who prefer decaf, Trapper Creek will be available as an option.

Alaska Airlines In-Flight Meal Pre-Order Service

In addition to the beverage options, Alaska Airlines allows you to pre-order your favorite meals up to two weeks before your flight and until 20 hours prior to departure. This industry-leading pre-order feature ensures you don’t miss out on your preferred meal, no matter which cabin class you’re traveling in.

Alaska Airlines Menu Options

550+ miles🍽️ Apple & Gouda Chicken Sausage Breakfast Sandwich 🍽️ Moroccan Chickpea Salad (vegan & made without gluten ingredients) 775+ miles
🍽️ Chicken Sandwich with Red Pepper Spread 
1100+ miles🍽️ JUST Egg™ Mexican Egg Bites   (vegan & made without gluten ingredients) 🍽️ Mediterranean Lentils (vegan & made without gluten ingredients)  🍽️ Parmesan Scrambled Eggs with Bacon 1525+ miles🍽️ BBQ Bacon Burger   🍽️ Fried Rice with Chicken  2100+ miles🍽️ Steak & Shrimp  To Hawaii: 🍽️ Parmesan Scrambled Eggs with Portuguese Sausage 🍽️ Pineapple Oat Cakes 
1100+ miles🍽️ Morning Protein Platter with Greek Yogurt   🍽️ Sunrise Breakfast Sandwich with Black Forest Ham & Lemon Aioli 

Alaska Airlines makes a great effort to ensure a comfortable and satisfying experience for their guests, which includes their inflight food and beverages. Sterling Pearson, an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 100K member, is thrilled about the return of Alaska’s Kalbi Beef First Class entrée.

“It was absolutely delicious and one of my personal favorites. It has well-paired flavors, between the sauce and the meat. The presentation was also top-notch. I think the fact that Alaska is putting in the effort to bring back past menu items shows their dedication to giving passengers what they enjoy the most and is also an example of how Alaska cares about the guest experience.”

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