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Changi Airport Introduces Carbon Offsets Program for Travellers

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has launched Changi Carbon Offsets, allowing passengers to offset the carbon emissions from their air travel, regardless of the airline they travel with.

Changi Airport introduces Carbon Offsets

With an intuitive carbon calculator on the Changi Airport website and Changi App, passengers can calculate the carbon emissions from their forthcoming flights based on the origin, destination, and class of travel. After that, customers can offset the emissions from their journey using their credit card for payment.

CAG has selected high-quality carbon offset projects that would significantly impact the environment and communities—Changi Airport partners with Carbon Clicks, a New Zealand-based carbon offset company.

These selected projects will help conserve and protect existing forests in Indonesia, plant forests in China, and provide wind power generation in India.

Ms Audrey Lee, Group Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Sustainability, said, “Changi Carbon Offsets offers our passengers the opportunity to offset carbon emissions from their flights by supporting internationally-verified projects that will benefit the environment. As a demonstration of CAG’s commitment towards lower-emissions air travel, CAG will purchase carbon offsets for all business travel by CAG staff going forward.”

Changi Airport Sustainability

The launch of Changi Carbon Offsets is the latest initiative that CAG is taking along its sustainability journey. The airport intends to help mitigate carbon emissions. CAG also works closely with the airport community to improve the energy efficiency of the airport’s buildings and operations. Initiatives include enhanced waste management and recycling, and water resource conservation. CAG intends for airport facilities and functions to adapt to the impact of climate change.

Changi Airport Group has committed to Zero Carbon Growth until 2030, with absolute emissions capped at 2018 levels as it grows. The airport actively explores ways to improve the building energy efficiency of its terminals. It also aims to increase the share of renewables in the energy mix.

Changi also works closely with airport partners to support their air and ground decarbonization efforts. Initiatives include supporting the uplift of Sustainable Aviation Fuel and enabling the electrification of ground support equipment.

Sustainability sits at the core of Changi Airport’s newly redesigned Terminal 2. The new chiller plant exemplifies energy efficiency, delivering cooling at 30% lower energy consumption. 

Changi Airport Terminal 2 has earned the BCA Universal Design Excellence Award for its design and user-friendliness. It has also earned the BCA Green Mark Platinum for incorporating sustainability features to ensure the highest level of environmental performance.

Details of the Changi Carbon Offset Selected Projects

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