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Emirates Reveals New Limited Edition Upcycled Luggage Collection

Emirates launches limited edition luggage and accessories made from upcycled aircraft interiors – ‘Aircrafted by Emirates’.

Emirates is launching a unique capsule collection of luggage, bags, and accessories made from upcycled materials from their retrofitted aircraft.

Emirates Upcycled Luggage Collection
A selection of bags and accessories will also be displayed at the Dubai Airshow in DWC, from 13-17 November, on the Emirates stand.

The collection will be available for sale in 2024 at Emirates Official Stores. Items include suitcases, backpacks, handbags, cardholders, toiletry bags, belts, and shoes. All these items are designed and handmade by Emirates tailors in a cabin workshop at the Emirates Engineering facility in Dubai. The proceeds from the sale of this limited-edition range will be donated to needy children through the Emirates Airline Foundation.

Each piece in the collection is handmade to order. Customers can request personalized laser engraving on select bags, suitcases, or document holders. Aviation enthusiasts will soon be able to register their interest, but these unique pieces are available in limited quantities.

Ahmed Safa, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President for Engineering, said: “At Emirates, we are committed to constantly evolving our sustainability efforts and looking at every aspect of our products and supply chain. We knew these materials could be given a second life because they are originally of very high quality. We challenged our team to be as creative and innovative as possible, and here we are, with our own accessories workshop in the Emirates Engineering Centre! This initiative is a passion project for our team, and we are immensely proud of how it aligns with both our innovation and sustainability aims, and even better – that all proceeds will benefit worthy causes via the Emirates Airline Foundation.’

Emirates Luggage Materials Upcycled From A380 And 777 Aircraft

The materials used to create this collection are gathered from Emirates’ iconic A380 and 777 aircraft. Surprising materials like aluminum headrests, leather from couches in the A380 onboard lounge, seatbelts, and even fur (sheepskin) from the Captain’s seat are repurposed for the luggage and bags. So far, more than 14,000kg of materials have been recovered from 16 retrofitted aircraft. The ongoing project aims to recover up to 270kg of leather and 627kg of seat fabric per retrofitted aircraft.

They include high-quality pure leather from the First Class Seats, seat fabrics made of 95% wool, and pure leather from the Captain’s seats. All fabrics are thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and disinfected before being sewn into these unique pieces. Additionally, brand-new lining and functional zippers are added to the bags.

Emirates has a team of 14 tailors, officially called Engineering Maintenance Assistants. They are responsible for fixing and stitching any tears in the interiors of Emirates’ aircraft fleet. Four of these tailors are currently dedicated full-time to the upcycling initiative. They collaborate with suppliers to explore creative ways of repurposing various materials.

The Emirates Retrofit Project

In August 2022, Emirates embarked on the world’s largest fleet retrofit project. It is part of a multi-billion-dollar investment to enhance the customer experience. The project focuses on upgrading the interior cabins of 120 Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft. They are among the largest commercial aircraft in service today. Emirates’ Engineering team will manage the entire retrofit. The airline expects to take at least two years to complete the program.

The process begins with refreshing the 67 designated A380s, followed by the facelift of the 53 777s. The key upgrades include the installation of nearly 4,000 brand-new Premium Economy seats. The Emirates Engineering team will also refurbish 728 First Class suites and enhance over 5,000 Business Class seats. These are updated with a new style and design. Once the project is finished, passengers can look forward to a refreshed and modernized travel experience on these Emirates aircraft.

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