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ITA Airways Takes Delivery of First Airbus A321neo in Hamburg

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ITA Airways has recently acquired its first A321neo aircraft from Airbus’ Hamburg production facilities, leased through Air Lease Corporation.

This new addition solidifies ITA Airways’ commitment to an all-Airbus fleet strategy, comprising 81 aircraft, including A220, A320neo, A330neo, and A350 models.

Inside the ITA Airways A320neo

Designed for medium-haul routes, ITA Airways’ A321neo boasts a three-class cabin configuration. It features 12 Business Class seats with fully flat beds and direct aisle access, 12 Premium Economy seats in a 4-abreast arrangement, and 141 Economy seats, including 12 dedicated to Comfort Economy.

ABC INTERNATIONAL collaborated with ITA Airways on distinctive cabin branding for the new Italian national airline’s fleet. The project began in early 2023 and involved creating and installing iconic brand touchpoints in the interiors of the new A319, A320, and A330 ITA Airways aircraft.

The ITA Airways A321neo features Airbus’ Airspace cabin design, which offers enhanced comfort and convenience. Passengers can enjoy spacious XL overhead bins and customized interior lighting utilizing advanced full-LED technology to reduce jet lag. Each seat has the latest-generation in-flight entertainment system, providing individual screens and on-demand content.

About the A320neo Family

As the largest aircraft in Airbus’ A320neo Family, the A321neo offers exceptional range and performance. With the incorporation of new generation engines and Sharklets, this aircraft delivers a 50% reduction in noise, over 20% fuel savings, and a significant decrease in CO₂ emissions compared to previous single-aisle aircraft models. Its wide cabin ensures a comfortable flying experience for passengers.

To date, customers have ordered more than 5,500 A321neos worldwide, attesting to its popularity among airlines across the globe.

About ITA Airways

Founded after the failure of the iconic flagship airline Alitalia, the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance owns ITA Airways. The airline is committed to offering top-tier domestic and international air transport services with a strong digital-first approach and a commitment to sustainability. ITA Airways has been a member of the SkyTeam alliance since October 2021.

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