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Aerolineas Argentinas New Uniforms Dress Crew Ready for Action

After thirteen years since the last uniform change, Aerolinas Argentinas has unveiled new uniforms prioritizing comfort and safety with slacks and sneakers. Let’s dive into the details of this much-needed revamp.

Gone are uncomfortable heels and skirts for women, requiring problematic pantyhose. (These can be a hazard during a fire onboard as nylon stockings melt into the skin.) Instead, everyone gets slacks and sneakers.

Video: The Modern World Calls for a Modern Uniform. Aerolineas Argentinas

The airline presented the new uniforms this week at the Aerolíneas Argentinas corporate building in Aeroparque. Attendees included Pablo Ceriani, president of the airline, Benito Fernández, who was in charge of the uniform design, and Ricky Sarkany, in charge of the footwear design. In addition, managers, aeronautical authorities, and workers attended.

The Modern World Calls for a Modern Uniform

Under the slogan ‘The modern world calls for a modern uniform’, the new pieces carry the color palette on the front that distinguishes the Aerolíneas brand worldwide.

Like the plane’s fuselage, light blue and white are predominant colors in the flight uniforms. Blue and white will represent the ground personnel. These colors are reflected in a more comfortable and current design.

The airline worked on the design of the pieces based on three essential pillars: Brand identity, comfort, and convenience/modernity. Designers gave more prominence to the main color of the Aerolinas Argentinas brand identity manual, Pantone 3005.

This light blue represents the colors of the airline and Argentina.

Uniform Design Informed by Staff Survey

The company conducted a satisfaction survey associated with the current uniform to inform the design of the new uniforms. The survey found that more than 70% of those who work in the company agreed to make a change. They preferred a uniform that would give them greater comfort and convenience when performing their tasks.

The new active work clothes retain the airline’s classic condor motif. The selection of fabrics with spandex allows greater comfort when working than current rigid fabrics. One of the most significant changes is the normalization of pants for everyone, which is more egalitarian and practical.

For footwear, the airline selected a versatile sneaker with a comfortable style. This is a marked departure from the tradition of dress shoes for flight crew, but it fits a modern concept of dressing for comfort to suit an active workday.

There’s still some flare as the characteristic Aerolineas Argentinas scarf remains part of the ensemble.

Simpler and More Sustainable Uniforms

Another relevant aspect is sustainability: Aerolineas Argentinas’ new uniforms reduce the number of pieces from 9 to 6. The stripes were also eliminated from the suits, using pins to distinguish ranks and positions. This reduces costs and the use of materials.

“This uniform reflects what we want to be and what we are: on the one hand, a modern airline that adapts to social changes and new ways of flying without losing the classic elegance that characterizes Aerolíneas Argentinas. In some way, it represents exactly this moment of the company, in which changes have been made that have allowed us to grow without losing our essence,” Ceriani explained.

“The concept was born in part from thinking about abstract ideas and morphologies that represent today’s world through the work of an airline: modernity, comfort, and elegance are present in this uniform. It is a dream come true and a milestone in my career to represent my country through a brand like Aerolíneas Argentinas,” said Fernández.

“The design prototypes arise from an aesthetic and socio-cultural analysis that we carried out of this current moment after going through the pandemic,” commented Sarkany.

Over the last thirteen years, the world and the airline industry have changed. New values such as sustainability, inclusion, equality, and comfort are essential in today’s airline operations. The changes introduced by Aerolíneas Argentinas set a fresh path forward.

While some might have made slightly different choices on trim and tailoring, what matters is that Aerolineas Argentinas staff have new uniforms that support their active workday.

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