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Portland Airport Improves Accessibility Ahead of Holidays With GoodMaps

PDX Expands Partnership with GoodMaps to Improve Accessibility Ahead of Holiday Travel Season

After a successful pilot program, Portland International Airport (PDX) has expanded its partnership with GoodMaps to enhance the travel experience for individuals with diverse needs. GoodMaps provides audio-visual guidance of indoor spaces, catering to people who are blind and low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, mobility impaired, or neurodiverse. With the GoodMaps app’s help, PDX travelers can effortlessly locate their gate. They can also find amenities such as restrooms, food options, retail outlets, water fountains, and charging stations.

Blind traveler navigates PDX using GoodMaps app.

“PDX is a place for everyone. Our Accessibility Committee helps us introduce new programs and technology like GoodMaps that can make our airport even more inclusive,” said Steve Nagy, director of airport operations at the Port of Portland. “Since we rolled out the app, we’ve received really positive feedback from committee members and passengers and are proud to be extending our partnership with GoodMaps to offer more coverage.”

How GoodMaps Works at Portland Airport

An earlier version of the app, GoodMaps Explore, was first launched at PDX in January 2023. This app aims to improve accessibility and ease of travel at the airport. The app guides travelers through the ticket lobby, baggage claim, and Concourse E. If you’re traveling to PDX, you can now download the free iOS or Android app to enjoy the following enhancements:

  • Navigation of all four concourses at PDX—B, C, D, and E—as well as the ticket lobby and baggage claim. Areas of the terminal currently being remodeled or developed will be mapped or re-mapped as they open.
  • An Augmented Reality (AR) view that offers users a new visual experience alongside 2D maps of PDX.
  • An improved “Step Free” feature provides users with mobility impairments an option for a step-free route through the airport.

GoodMaps uses LiDAR mapping technology and camera-based positioning to pinpoint a user’s location down to three feet of accuracy–with no additional hardware.

GoodMaps Update Comes Just In Time for Holidays

“Having GoodMaps at PDX opens up more possibilities for how I can travel, and it’s great timing to have this update available now,” said Pete De Vasto, member of the Port of Portland’s Accessibility Committee and traveler with total blindness. “The holiday season might be the one time of year that people with vision or hearing impairment travel and, with passengers encouraged to get to the airport even earlier during peak times, the app can help them locate the nearest restaurant or restroom and get back to their gate without assistance. Also, anyone arriving at PDX can use the app to find baggage claim or ground transportation. It’s truly a game changer.”

Greenlight from Port of Portland’s Accessibility Committee

PDX introduced GoodMaps with the valuable assistance of the Port of Portland’s Accessibility Committee. This committee comprises members from notable organizations such as the Open Doors Organization, Oregon Commission for the Blind, Portland State University, Western Oregon University, and the Washington State School for the Blind, as well as airline partners. PDX became the second airport to adopt GoodMaps. It has shared its knowledge and experience to aid in the widespread adoption of this technology across other airports.

To learn more about Portland International Airport and its collaboration with GoodMaps, visit their official website. For additional information about Accessibility at Portland International Airport, visit

About the Port of Portland

With three airports, four marine terminals, and five business parks, the Port of Portland is a crucial economic hub, fostering inclusivity and connectivity. It is dedicated to removing barriers and granting access to individuals and local enterprises previously excluded from the region’s economic growth. That includes people of color, low-income workers, and individuals with disabilities. The Port takes the lead in major regional endeavors, including expanding and enhancing PDX airport to enhance accessibility and efficiency. It also pioneers the transformation of former marine terminals into prime sites for innovation in the housing construction and mass timber industries. Furthermore, it offers expanded opportunities for businesses in the Pacific Northwest to connect with global markets and export their products.

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About GoodMaps

GoodMaps is a company that focuses on indoor mapping and digital navigation. They provide a scalable and infrastructure-free solution for wayfinding, allowing people to navigate indoor spaces easily. GoodMaps’ mission is to create more inclusive and interactive indoor environments, making them joyful for everyone. Their indoor navigation system empowers individuals to explore the world around them with freedom and autonomy.

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