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SWISS New Cabin Crew Agreement Includes Higher Salaries, More Flexibility

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) and kapers, the union representing cabin personnel, have worked collaboratively to negotiate and finalize this new collective labor agreement. Both parties are confident that this agreement will significantly improve the working conditions and benefits for SWISS cabin crew members.

Source: SWISS

In the latest update to the collective labor agreement, SWISS is offering its cabin personnel attractive benefits, including higher salaries, improved work planning, and more employee choices. This agreement, reached in collaboration with kapers, the union of cabin personnel, brings many positive changes.

Increased Salary and Work-Life Balance

First and foremost, SWISS is increasing the basic monthly salary of all cabin crew members by CHF 400. In addition, the agreement includes a 2% inflation-based salary adjustment and enhanced expense rates. This ensures fair compensation for employees.

Recognizing the importance of work-life balance for cabin crew members, SWISS is taking steps to enhance the quality of life of its employees. Under the new agreement, monthly rosters will be provided earlier, enabling better planning and organization. Additionally, cabin crew members will now enjoy seven free days monthly. Moreover, SWISS is introducing part-time employment options to benefit parents or students looking for more flexible work arrangements.

One of the agreement’s highlights is the opportunity for cabin crew members to choose between a partial 13th monthly salary payment or variable compensation tied to the company’s business performance. This shows SWISS’s commitment to aligning the interests of its employees with the company’s success.

Investing in Cabin Staff Well-being

Investing in the well-being of its cabin staff, SWISS has allocated CHF 200 million over the next five years to improve employment terms and conditions through this new collective labor agreement.

The agreement is now pending approval. The members of kapers will have the opportunity to vote on whether to accept the new accord by 19th December.

“This is a top priority for me, as we are very keen to also conclude an agreement for our shared future with our biggest personnel group,” says SWISS CEO Dieter Vranckx. “So I am delighted that we now have a collective labour agreement which represents a genuine investment in our cabin crew corps and delivers tangible added value for everyone involved.” SWISS will be investing some CHF 200 million in the new CLA over the next five years. “The new accord doesn’t just raise the salaries of our more than 3,500 cabin crew members,” Vranckx continues. “It addresses their individual needs better than before, and in doing so helps to enhance their quality of life.”

Higher Basic Salaries, Results-Sharing Options, and New Part-Time Employment Models

In the new Collective Labor Agreement (CLA), all SWISS cabin crew members will receive a CHF 400 increase in their full-time basic monthly salary. The agreement also includes a 2% inflation-based salary adjustment effective January 1, 2023. Moreover, cabin personnel who have completed three years of service can choose between a guaranteed partial 13th monthly salary or a results-linked variable compensation component.

SWISS is trying to enhance the quality of life for its cabin crew members through the new CLA. Duty rosters will now be published one week earlier, on the 18th of the previous month, allowing better planning of social lives. Additionally, each monthly roster will include seven fixed free days. Standby duties will also be compensated under the new CLA. The agreement also addresses the individual needs of cabin crew members by offering new part-time working models with more flexibility in employment hours, the ability to switch between different options throughout the year, and a wider range of duty relief options for older personnel.

Per kapers regulations, the new CLA will undergo a 15-day consultation period. Following this, kapers members will vote on whether to accept the new CLA between November 25 and December 19, 2023. If approved, the new CLA24 will take effect on January 1, 2024.

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