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Brussels Airlines zeroG Hackathon Unlocks Power of AI

ZeroG and Brussels Airlines organized a hackathon in Brussels called “Unlock the Power of Data.” The event aimed to explore the vast potential of data and artificial intelligence (AI) in the aviation industry.

Brussels Airlines zeroG Hackathon Unlocks Power of AI

With nearly 100 participants, the hackathon provided hands-on experience using actual data from Brussels Airlines. Its goal was to bridge the gap between innovative data-driven solutions and practical applications in aviation.

“Think sustainability, efficiency, and comfort – that’s what we’re diving into with seven everyday aviation topics. We’re talking about everything from saving fuel and cutting waste to customer feedback,” shares Manuel van Esch, the CEO at zeroG. “Our hackathon’s main purpose? Cook up a bunch of proofs-of-concept that size up the business case and check the tech feasibility for each scenario. It’s the starting point for making data and AI technology have a real impact on Brussels Airlines!”

Brussels Airlines, the largest airline in Belgium, collaborated with zeroG, a team of 70 data scientists and AI experts. They joined forces with 20 analysts and data experts from Brussels Airlines to develop innovative solutions using machine learning and artificial intelligence in the aviation industry. This collaboration also benefits from the support of Microsoft experts who assist in implementing these solutions using Microsoft Azure.

AI Use-Cases for Aviation Evaluated by Brussels Airlines and zeroG

  • Zero-fuel-weight Prediction: This use case addresses the challenge of saving millions of kilograms of fuel annually. It analyzes fuel overage occurrences, quantifying their real impact through data and exploring sustainable solutions.
  • Buy-on-board Fresh Food Waste Management: Introducing an AI tool that minimizes waste and offers potential time and cost savings.
  • Performance Loop Boost: This use case comprehensively analyzes Brussels Airlines’ Data Architecture. The boost helps identify priority use cases for tangible impact by collaborating with business stakeholders.
  • Data Culture Workshop: This working session led by zeroG Data Leadership program instructors aims to establish data leadership characteristics and a sustainable data culture at Brussels Airlines through training and hands-on use cases.
  • Cabin Natural Language Processing Model Re-vamp: The Cabin NLP model at Brussels Airlines is being upgraded to enhance crew AI reporting. It includes new methods for interpreting customer feedback.

About zeroG

zeroG is the expert center for data-driven, AI, and machine-learning solutions in aviation. With a cross-skilled team of 85 data and AI experts, zeroG has built impactful solutions for world-leading airlines since 2015. The company, part of Lufthansa Systems, is set to solve challenges in commercial aviation. It does so by building cutting-edge data and machine-learning applications for airlines. zeroG is a trusted partner to industry customers and partners like Microsoft Azure. It delivers human-centered, end-to-end data science solutions that help clients eliminate costs, boost productivity, and discover new business potentials.

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