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Air Serbia Trials Bluebox’s Blueview Digital Passenger Services

Air Serbia will deploy the Blueview digital services platform as proof of concept to determine customer demand.

Air Serbia has selected Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. (Bluebox) to trial Bluebox’s Blueview digital passenger services platform. It is hosted on the Bluebox Wow portable wireless system in its battery-operated format. Air Serbia will deploy the system on Airbus and ATR aircraft.

Air Serbia will trial Bluebox Blueview digital passenger services.

Blueview will deliver an engaging experience, allowing passengers to stream entertainment content to their devices. Customized with Air Serbia branding and available in three languages, the Blueview platform is configured for the trial to include entertainment, a moving map, and passenger feedback surveys. 

“We have committed to plans to digitally transform our operations and today we are taking a great step towards doing so in our onboard customer experience by introducing Bluebox’s Blueview technology,” said Boško Rupić, General Manager Commercial and Strategy, Air Serbia. “Backoffice transformations have their challenges, but we have learned that when testing within a live service environment it’s even more critical that you think like your passengers. We know that habits changed over the pandemic – doing more on personal devices, including streaming entertainment. Our assessment of what is available in the market combined with recommendations from other airlines assured us that Blueview was the best option to test demand with paying passengers.”

“We’re excited by how much we can test with Air Serbia in such a short space of time with this proof of concept – things move fast in the world of the digital cabin, and we have to be agile to respond to both our customers and their customers’ needs,” said Kevin Birchmore, VP Global Sales, Bluebox. “At Bluebox, we treat every deployment – whether a trial or a full-scale project – with the same commitment to quality and service because we know our best successes are when we deliver amazing passenger experiences.”

Blueview and Bluebox: A Powerful Digital Services Combination in a Small Package

Blueview, a cutting-edge software platform, earned the 2023 PAX Tech Readership Award for Technology. Designed to enhance the passenger experience, it offers a user-friendly browser-based portal that grants access to a wide array of digital services onboard, including in-flight entertainment and onboard retail. Blueview goes beyond that, providing a secure content delivery system, integration with third-party apps, content management, and robust analytics. This digital ecosystem engages and entertains passengers while generating additional ancillary revenue for airlines.

A key component of Blueview is Bluebox Wow, an award-winning hardware solution that enables airlines to swiftly and cost-effectively deploy digital services to passengers. While powerful, Bluebox Wow remains compact, with a size similar to that of a lunchbox. Airlines can easily install it in overhead lockers. It offers scalability and flexibility. Airlines can choose between a portable battery-operated version or a certified solution with a fitted partition, an aircraft power supply, and additional features such as PA pause.

With Blueview and Bluebox Wow, airlines can improve the in-flight experience, delivering exceptional services to passengers while optimizing revenue opportunities.

About Bluebox Aviation Systems

Bluebox Aviation Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of innovative digital passenger experiences for the commercial aviation industry. The company’s digital services platform, Blueview, offers engaging and entertaining content. Passengers can stream content on their electronic devices or airline-owned tablets. This includes onboard retail, advertising, and a diverse selection of film, TV shows, audio, games, and other digital content.

The Blueview platform is compatible with various hardware platforms, including our portable wireless streaming platform, Bluebox Wow, and Airbus’ Airspace Link (OSP) as a line-fit solution. The company offers expert professional services like design and development, project and content management, and top-notch customer support. Based in Dunfermline, Scotland, Bluebox has a global support network spanning Europe, the US, Australia, and Singapore.

About Air Serbia

Air Serbia is an airline that operates flights to more than 80 destinations across Europe, the Mediterranean, North America, Asia, and Africa. We offer both scheduled and seasonal flights, as well as charter flights for both passengers and cargo. In collaboration with our airline partners, we also provide international flights to various destinations in Asia, Australia, North America, and Africa.

Our main hub is located at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. However, we also operate from Niš Constantine the Great Airport, and International Airport Morava near Kraljevo. Since 1961, Air Serbia has been a proud member of the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

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