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Sydney Airport Adopts Veovo Tech for Smoother Air Travel

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Sydney Airport has recently embraced Veovo’s cutting-edge technology platform to enhance its operations. With the implementation of Veovo’s Intelligent Airport Platform, the airport aims to improve efficiency, reliability, and collaboration across its various departments.

Sydney Airport adopts Veovo Tech
Sydney Airport adopts Veovo’s Intelligent Airport Platform.

This upgrade to the airport’s operations system is critical as air traffic resumes to pre-pandemic levels. The new platform ensures smoother operations, minimizes aircraft turnaround delays, and maximizes the utilization of terminal and airside capacities.

James Williamson, CEO of Veovo, said, “Sydney is one of the world’s most important airports, and we are delighted to support them on their mission through the provision of our latest advanced Intelligent Airport Platform. We are very proud to be partners in delivering this core capability.”

Veovo Intelligent Airport Platform

Veovo’s Intelligent Airport Platform achieves these goals by automatically integrating and validating data from diverse sources such as air traffic, baggage handling, and airlines. This consolidated data is stored in a centralized Airport Operational Database (AODB). Airport staff and aviation partners can access this user-friendly web portal, which presents the information using a “manage by exception” approach. The platform offers personalized alerts, recommendations, and valuable insights, enabling quicker and more coordinated decision-making.

One of the notable features of the new platform is its streamlined process for software updates. This improvement allows the airport to adapt to new requirements and swiftly access technological advancements. Veovo oversees and maintains the underlying operations infrastructure at Sydney Airport as part of a managed service framework.

The upgrade also includes the Flight Information Display System (FIDS) modernization. Over 1250 digital displays across Sydney Airport’s terminals now provide travelers with up-to-date and relevant information.

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