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SAS Has New Reward Program For Sustainable Travel

In January 2024, SAS will introduce the EuroBonus Conscious Traveler. This exciting rewards program empowers EuroBonus members to make conscious and sustainable choices when traveling with SAS and enjoy exclusive benefits.

With EuroBonus Conscious Traveler, SAS is committed to making sustainable travel more accessible and rewarding for its customers. From the moment of booking a ticket to the journey back home, the program encourages travelers to make environmentally friendly choices at every step of their journey. They can earn rewards while positively impacting the environment with EuroBonus Conscious Traveler.

“SAS, together with the aviation industry, is on a journey toward a more sustainable future, and we invite our customers to join us in this effort. Together, we can drive this important transformation journey forward by involving the entire ecosystem of airlines, manufacturers, policymakers, suppliers, as well as the travelers themselves. The launch of EuroBonus Conscious Traveler reflects this reality and is a contribution toward the industry target of net zero CO2 emissions by 2050 – perhaps our most important journey yet,” says Aron Backström, Vice President, Product & Loyalty at SAS.

Engaging SAS Frequent Flyers to Achieve Net Zero

At the core of Conscious Traveler lies a singular objective: engaging customers to achieve net zero emissions. The airline’s strategy centers around raising awareness and inspiring travelers to make sustainable choices throughout their journeys.

SAS remains committed to minimizing its environmental impact across all aspects of travel. This includes initiatives such as waste reduction, recycling, and weight reduction for onboard products. The airline is also introducing new, fuel-efficient aircraft and collaborating with air traffic control to optimize fuel-efficient routes. Additionally, SAS is involved in the development of sustainable aviation fuels. Starting December 1st, SAS will exclusively buy biofuel for all staff travels.

“Through the Conscious Traveler initiative, we offer our passengers a platform to actively show their support and help SAS on our journey toward a more sustainable future. By opting for more conscious choices, they not only contribute to reducing their own carbon footprint but also earn well-deserved rewards for their commitment,” added Aron Backström.

SAS has made an important decision regarding its EuroBonus program. To prioritize reducing total emissions, SAS will no longer offer carbon offsetting for EuroBonus travelers. Instead, the airline will focus on scaling up the production of sustainable aviation fuels and embracing emerging technologies that enable more sustainable flying. This shift will take effect from December 1, 2023. As part of their commitment to sustainable travel, SAS will reinvest in rewarding EuroBonus members actively participating in the Conscious Traveler program.

How the SAS Conscious Traveler Program Works

By achieving a minimum of ten conscious travel milestones within a single calendar year, EuroBonus members can attain the status of a Conscious Traveler. This exclusive designation not only grants access to an array of enticing rewards but also enhances the overall travel experience. These milestones encompass a diverse range of actions undertaken with consciousness, such as:

  • Learning more about sustainable aviation fuel
  • Purchasing biofuel
  • Donating EuroBonus points to charity
  • Purchase conscious products in the SAS EuroBonus shop to reduce your footprint at home.
  • Reduce food waste by pre-ordering or opting out of meals
  • Opt for more sustainable choices during your entire journey – also at your destination.
  • The reward details will be revealed upon launch at the beginning of 2024. Until then, information about the EuroBonus Conscious Traveler can be found here.

SAS Sustainability Strategy

SAS aims to be a driving force in sustainable aviation. The work with sustainable development is always based on securing environmental, societal, and governance responsibilities and ensuring continuous improvement efforts. SAS is involved in numerous initiatives and activities to fulfill its sustainability-related obligations and goals:

  • Aircraft fleet renewal with lower emissions
  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel and Fossil-Free Aviation
  • Sustainability onboard

Learn more about SAS sustainability initiatives here: 

SAS is the leading airline in Scandinavia, operating from major hubs in Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm. With a strong focus on sustainability and a commitment to reducing carbon emissions, SAS aims to lead the way in sustainable aviation and the transition to net zero emissions. The airline flies to various destinations in Europe, the USA, and Asia. SAS is actively working towards reducing carbon emissions through sustainable aviation fuel, investing in fuel-efficient aircraft and technology innovation, and collaborating with partners. In addition to flight operations, SAS provides ground handling, technical maintenance, and air cargo services. As a founding member of the Star Alliance, SAS offers a wide network of connections with its partner airlines worldwide.

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