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Perth Airport Gets New Signage and Otherside Brew Lounge

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Perth Airport has announced new Noongar welcome signage and the opening of a new Brew Lounge.

Wadjak Boodja Welcome Signage

The airport now greets visitors with six-meter-high signs adorned with symbols of the Noongar language. They communicate the landscape and meaning of Wadjak Boodja. The signs’ lighting changes to reflect the six seasons of the Noongar calendar.

“We know that visitors to Western Australia, particularly those who have traveled from overseas, want to experience our unique indigenous culture, says Perth Airport Chief Commercial and Aviation Officer Kate Holsgrove. “While we have Welcome to Country signage and acknowledgments in all our terminals, these new roadside signs will make a significant first impression on visitors as they head into Perth and beyond.”

Cultural Consultants Ash Garlett Penfold and Jayden Boundry from Ngalak Nidja collaborated with local Noongar people to guide the creative process of the new signs. They integrated language, symbolic art, and seasonal lighting.

Jarni, the contemporary artist who worked on the signage, is a Wadjak, Ballardong, and Yued woman. She was born and raised in Noongar Boodja country.

“Our culture is so unique, and I wanted to emphasize on its beauty by using symbols that move around each other to create a synergy in the piece,” said Artist Jarni. “Each symbol, line and circle all represent something so special to this place – Wadjak Boodja.”

The Six Seasons Lighting Inspiration

  • Birak-Red (Dec-Jan): First of the hot season.
  • Boonaroo-Orange (Feb-Mar): The hottest period.
  • Djiran-Green (Apr-May): The temperature begins to cool.
  • Mookaroo-Blue (Jun-Jul): Coldest and wettest time.
  • Dijlba-Pink/Purple (Aug-Sept): A mix of cold and clear days with warmer days.
  • Kambarang-Yellow (Oct-Nov): The return of warmer weather.

Perth Airport Otherside Brew Lounge-Your New Local

In collaboration with Delaware North, Otherside Brewing Co has launched the Otherside Brew Lounge at Perth Airport’s Terminal 2. This airport destination combines the best Western Australian craft beer, live music, art, and culture in one place.

The Brew Lounge is designed to offer regional travelers and frequent fly-in-fly-out workers an authentic Otherside experience. Guests can enjoy regular live music performances, rotating art installations showcasing local WA artists, and top-notch audio/visual entertainment. The Brew Lounge also offers a locally sourced takeaway and table service menu.

A Sense of Community for Perth’s Frequent Flyers

Perth Airport’s Otherside Brew Lounge aims to create a sense of community for frequent flyers, giving them a place to call their own. As an extension of Otherside’s popular Beer Tycoons membership program, the venue invites patrons to become “Flying Tycoons.” They can enjoy benefits not only at the Brew Lounge but also at all Otherside venues throughout Perth. Members’ names will be displayed on venue bricks.

The Brew Lounge also offers departing customers the convenience of home delivery for Otherside Brewing Co. products. This extension of Otherside’s e-commerce platform allows travelers to schedule same-day deliveries right to their doorstep upon returning home. The venue offers a genuinely West Australian pre-flight experience.

“We are very excited to see this project come to fruition and for the gates to open to this unique experience for Western Australian travelers,” said Managing Director of Otherside, James Legge. “With its impressive food and beverage offering, table service model, and representation of WA arts and culture, the Brew Lounge is an exciting new concept in aviation hospitality.

“We look forward to welcoming everyone in to sample our craft beers, the outstanding restaurant-quality menu, and, of course, some live music.”

Growth at Perth Airport’s T2

Perth Airport’s Chief Commercial and Aviation Officer Kate Holsgrove noted that T2 has experienced a 50 percent increase in passenger numbers since opening over a decade ago.

“With passenger numbers continuing to grow, we wanted to collaborate with a partner that would deliver a new, high-quality food and beverage option for our regional customers. The Otherside Brew Lounge provides a contemporary food and beverage hub in T2, offering a unique pre-flight venue with a dynamic personality and quality local craft beers on tap.”

Gary Brown, Managing Director at Delaware North, added, “Delaware North is thrilled to be partnering with Otherside Brewing Co. to open the Otherside Brew Lounge in Terminal 2 at Perth Airport. Featuring a locally curated and sourced full-service menu, this dynamic venue which will give travelers at Perth Airport a genuine taste of Western Australia’s incredible food and beer scene.”

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