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East Midlands Airport Readies For Busy Christmas Flights

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East Midlands Airport (EMA) expects more than 5,000 people to travel on Friday, December 22, making it the airport’s busiest day of the festive period.

East Midlands Airport Christmas
East Midlands Airport welcomes more travelers this Christmas.

This increase in Christmas travel follows a successful November. Recent data shows a 21% rise in passengers compared to the previous year, reaching 188,556 passengers at EMA.

With these numbers, the airport is on track to exceed 3.2 million passengers for the year. It will likely reach the 4 million milestone by the end of March.

East Midlands Airport Ready to Welcome Thousands of Customers for Christmas

EMA’s Customer and Planning Director Mike Grimes said: “We’re delighted to welcome thousands of customers to the airport during the festive period – it’s a really special time of the year for people to get away. Our staff love to make the whole experience convenient and hassle-free.

“A strong performance this winter on top of a busy summer is expected to boost overall passenger numbers to above 4m by the end of the financial year, taking us to pre-Covid levels and giving us the promise of 2024 being a very Happy New Year. We also have a programme of improvements getting underway which will make the experience of flying from EMA even more comfortable and effortless.”

East Midlands Airport Sees Post-Pandemic Confidence Among Holidaymakers

Passengers fly through EMA airport due to its convenient travel experience and numerous affordable flights to popular winter destinations. During this time of year, travelers fly to visit Christmas Markets, go Alpine skiing, or bask in the winter sun. On Friday, December 22nd, the airport expects to serve 5,068 people flying to various European destinations.

Reflecting post-pandemic confidence among holidaymakers, the airport has seen a notable increase in guests. The airport served approximately 567,000 more passengers by November of this year than last year.

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