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Icelandair Sees 13% Rise in Passengers: November Traffic

Icelandair has published its November traffic figures, showing improvement despite the challenges of seismic activity that threatened to disrupt air travel.

Icelandair Places First-Ever Airbus order of 13 A321XLRs
Icelandair Places First-Ever Airbus order of 13 A321XLRs

In November 2023, Icelandair experienced a significant increase in passenger numbers, transporting 282 thousand individuals, a 13% rise compared to the same month last year. The most notable growth was seen in the N-Atlantic market, where passenger numbers soared by 37% through Iceland. Overall, Icelandair has carried a total of four million passengers year to date, marking a 17% increase from the previous year.

During November, the distribution of Icelandair’s passengers was as follows: 36% were heading to Iceland, 16% were arriving from Iceland, 40% were transfer passengers, and 8% were traveling within Iceland. The load factor, representing the percentage of occupied seats, reached 75.4%, showing an improvement of 1.9 percentage points. Moreover, the airline achieved an on-time performance rate of 84.5%.

Comments From Bogi Nils Bogason, Icelandair CEO:

“In November, we continued seeing an increase in the number of passengers and a stronger load factor compared to last year, on 12% capacity increase. This is despite some negative impact on the booking flow sparked by media reporting on the Reykjanes peninsula seismic activity. Going forward, there is some impact on bookings and revenues for the next few months but looking at the longer term the booking flow is moving towards its former strength.

In 2023, we have transported four million passengers. I am very proud of the Icelandair team and thankful to our loyal passengers for these results and already look forward to the year 2024 where we will continue to use the Company’s strengths and flexibility to address challenges and seize opportunities in our markets.”

Icelandair Traffic Data Presentation

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