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Southwest Airlines Reveals Colossal Gingerbread Boeing 737

In time for the holidays, Southwest Airlines has unveiled a gingerbread Boeing 737 aircraft model created by one of the airline’s team members. The sweetest aircraft ever made is the creation of Digital Workplace Consultant Brooke, who spent 100 hours crafting the plane for the holidays.

Southwest Airlines Specialty Livery – Gingerbread One

“While this isn’t a plane you can fly on, we still think it’s pretty sweet 😉,” the airline said, sharing the candy and gingerbread creation with followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Southwest Airlines Gingerbread One is seen from overhead.

The airline even shared a recipe, so if you have 100 hours to spare and a unique gift for 3D modeling and baking, you too can craft a gingerbread aircraft.

Gingerbread Boeing 737 Recipe

  • 20 lbs. flour
  • 20 lbs. powdered sugar
  • 1 lb. ground ginger
  • 1 lb. cinnamon
  • 1-gallon dark corn syrup
  • 100+ tic tacs
  • 1000+ chocolate Sixlets
  • 200+ banana Runts candies
  • 4 lbs. red Twizzlers
  • 400+ marshmallows
  • 100+ peppermint candies

How to make a gingerbread plane:

  1. Surrender your kitchen and dining room to the making of the plane.
  2. Translate a paper pattern to 3D prints of airplane cross-sections for accurate modeling.
  3. Create tin baking forms for the different shapes of the pieces.
  4. Create a framework from the 3D prints and 1000+ coffee stir sticks
  5. Bake dozens of trays of gingerbread to cover the framework and decorate with candy pieces
  6. Enjoy!

As well as a Digital Consultant, Brooke is a talented baker who shares her creations on Instagram. To see more of Brooke’s baking, give her a follow @stillatulsagirl 

The Southwest Airlines Non-Gingerbread Fleet

Southwest has a long tradition of flying Boeing aircraft, managing a fleet of 803 Boeing 737 planes that aren’t candy creations.

  • The Southwest fleet has an average age of approximately 12 years.
  • In 2022, the airline’s average aircraft trip length was 728 miles, an average duration of two hours.
  • Southwest was the launch customer for the Boeing 737-700, 737-500, and 737-300 series aircraft.
  • In December 2011, Southwest announced it would be the launch customer for the Boeing 737 MAX 8, and on Oct. 1, 2017, its first 737 MAX 8 began scheduled service.
  • In May 2022, Southwest announced a $2 billion plan to transform its Customer Experience:
    • Adding in-seat power with USB-A and USB-C ports on new aircraft deliveries from summer 2023.
    • Installing larger overhead bins for easier luggage storage and retrieval.
  • All of Southwest’s 737-800s are equipped with Split Scimitar Winglets. (Even the Gingerbread plane has those!)
  • Some of the 737-700s have replaced the Blended Winglets with Split Scimitar Winglets, providing additional incremental fuel savings.
  • The Boeing 737 MAX 8 is approximately 14% more fuel-efficient than the prior generation 737-800.
  • In 2013, Southwest became the first carrier to offer gate-to-gate connectivity.
  • Customers enjoy free movies, live TV, and messaging on WiFi-enabled aircraft. Inflight WiFi is available for $8 per device from takeoff to landing.

About Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines was incorporated in Texas in 1967 and started customer service on June 18, 1971. Initially, the airline operated with three Boeing 737 aircraft, serving Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Over the years, Southwest Airlines grew significantly, surpassing the billion-dollar revenue mark in 1989.

In 1994, Southwest Airlines made history by being the first major airline to introduce ticketless travel. The following year, they further demonstrated their innovative approach by launching their website, the “Home Gate,” making them the first major airline to have an online presence.

Southwest Airlines reached another milestone in May 2003 when it became the top airline for monthly domestic originating passengers. This achievement was a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional service.

Expanding its reach beyond the contiguous United States, Southwest Airlines introduced flights to Puerto Rico in 2013, marking their first service to a destination outside the mainland.

In July 2014, Southwest Airlines became an international carrier, offering flights to Nassau in the Bahamas, Montego Bay in Jamaica, and Aruba. This expansion allowed more travelers to experience Southwest Airlines’ renowned hospitality.

Continuing their growth, Southwest Airlines began serving the beautiful Hawaiian Islands in March 2019, providing even more travel options for their passengers. With each new milestone, Southwest Airlines solidifies its position as a major player in the aviation industry.

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