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Aeroporti di Roma Joins Assaia’s Strategic Partner Community

Aeroporti di Roma, the operator of Rome’s airports, has joined Assaia’s Strategic Partner Community (SPC) through its corporate venture capital arm, ADR Ventures, becoming the first continental European member of the SPC.

Rome Fiumicino Airport (FCO)

Assaia was among ten startups selected for ADR’s inaugural “Runway to the Future” accelerator program, where their solution was tested and implemented at FCO. Italy’s primary gateway to the world, Rome’s Fiumicino Airport (FCO), will also implement Assaia’s aircraft turnaround technology.

Using AI, Assaia aims to enhance the passenger experience by reducing turnaround times and improving punctuality. The technology allows real-time responses to optimize gate availability while ensuring apron safety. Furthermore, the data gathered can contribute to the sustainability efforts of airports and airlines by focusing on reducing taxi-in time and limiting auxiliary power unit usage.

As members of the SPC, airport and airline operators leverage their vast industry expertise to provide strategic and practical guidance for the advancement of Assaia’s portfolio of products, particularly in the management and optimization of apron operations.

Aeroporti di Roma ‘Runway to the Future’ Accelerator

Left to right: Emanuele Cala, Vice President of Innovation & Quality of Aeroporti di Roma and CEO of ADR Ventures; Luigi di Piazza, Investment Manager, ADR Ventures; Max Diez, CEO of Assaia; Giulio Ranucci, Head of Innovation, Digital & CVC at Aeroporti di Roma; Giovanni Gennaro, Open Innovation Manager & CVC at Aeroporti di Roma

Emanuele Calà, Vice President of Innovation & Quality of Aeroporti di Roma and CEO of ADR Ventures, said, “We are proud to back Assaia, one of the companies in our first batch of our Runway to the Future accelerator program. In our vision for the airport of the future, innovation is firmly at its core. That is why we want to be integrally involved in developing Assaia’s turnaround technology, bringing increased efficiency, quality, and sustainability to our airports and helping others improve.”

Max Diez, CEO of Assaia, said, “Monitoring and optimizing the turnaround is now a recognized category in the aviation sector, thanks to industry leaders like Aeroporti di Roma. We need their expertise and experience to ensure the developments in our technology help airports and airlines provide an even better service to their passengers. In return, we are providing comprehensive turnaround technology.”

Assaia: Full Visibility of the Aircraft Turnaround Process

Aeroporti di Roma has partnered with Assaia to use their innovative turnaround technology. This technology provides complete visibility of all actions during the turnaround process, allowing for optimization of turnarounds, reduction in required time, and improved on-time performance. Not only does this result in increased efficiency, but it also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint. Ultimately, these more efficient turnarounds enhance the overall passenger experience.

Assaia’s Smart Port Community (SPC) is experiencing rapid growth and includes esteemed members such as Alaska Airlines, Greater Toronto Airports Authority, International Airlines Group, JetBlue Ventures, and Marubeni.

In a recent milestone, Assaia unveiled the industry’s first Turnaround Benchmark Report, which offers valuable insights into the impact of turnaround operations on the performance of airlines and airports worldwide. This data-driven report sheds light on these operations’ crucial role in the industry.

About Assaia

Assaia International AG is an aviation software company that aims to optimize the aviation industry using technology. Through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and computer vision, Assaia provides airports and airlines with complete visibility of turnaround operations.

Assaia empowers airports and airlines to take control of their turnaround operations. By predicting issues and automating processes, Assaia makes operations more efficient. As a result, passengers can have confidence in on-time, safe, and sustainable travel experiences.

About the ADR Group

The ADR Group, a company within the Mundys Group, manages and develops Rome’s Fiumicino and Ciampino airports. In addition to airport management, they carry out various associated and supplementary activities.

Fiumicino has two passenger terminals and serves business and leisure customers on national, international, and intercontinental routes. Ciampino mainly serves low-cost airlines, express couriers, and General Aviation activities.

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