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Inside the Plane: United Airlines’ New A321neo Dazzles

United Airlines‘ first Airbus A321neo features a dazzling new cabin interior that reflects the airline’s signature style and introduces a range of elevated passenger experience features.

United’s Elevated First Class Cabin on A321neo

The First Class cabin on United Airlines now showcases the all-new United First seat, specially crafted for the airline. Featuring partition screens for personal space and a cozy seat design, it provides a luxurious and enjoyable experience. Additionally, the seats feature two cocktail tables with a stylish natural stone finish, enhancing the overall sophistication of the cabin.

United First Seat A321neo

United Airlines In-Fight Entertainment, Power, and Bluetooth Connections

The United First seat provides multiple charging options, including an inductive charger. It also introduces a remote device for passengers who can’t reach the 13-inch, 4K touch screens as part of the airline’s commitment to making journeys more accessible and inclusive.

The 4K-definition touch screens in Economy are the largest available on the United Airlines fleet. All passengers can enjoy Bluetooth connectivity to easily connect their headphones and earbuds to the advanced In-Flight Entertainment system.

More Room and Self-Serve Snacks In Economy on United’s A321neo

Self-Serve Grab-and-Go snacks on United Airlines A321neo

United Airlines offers extra comfort for passengers seated at the back of the plane. Out of the 180 seats in the Economy cabin, 57 seats provide more legroom with United’s Economy Plus.

Inside the A321neo plane, there’s a self-serve snack station at the back of the Economy cabin. Passengers can grab snacks and drinks whenever they want.

The A321neo also has more space for a better experience. The unique space advantages of the A321’s cabin give passengers more room at shoulder level. The overhead bins are also larger, so everyone can easily store their carry-on bags.

PriestmanGoode Design of United Airlines Experience

The A321neo is a new design by PriestmanGoode in collaboration with United Airlines. PriestmanGoode has been working with the airline since 2012 on various projects related to passenger experience, including cabin interiors, lounges, airport branding, and wayfinding.

Tom Lipscomb, associate director at PriestmanGoode, commented: “The reveal of the A321neo cabin is the result of several years of development. As design partners to United, our role is to deliver a consistent passenger experience across all aircraft types, each time introducing innovation and new detailing across the signature interior. The design team is pleased to see this aircraft enter service and read the very positive response from passengers, the media and all teams we work with across United Airlines.”

United A321neo Cabin Seat Map

United Airlines A321neo seat map.
United Airlines A321neo seat map.

A321neo Cabin Features

Aircraft interior specifications

Specifications are listed by cabin and may vary from standard.

SpecificationsUnited First®United Economy Plus®United Economy®
Number of seats2057123
Seat numbers1A – 5F7DEF, 8A-11F, 20A-22F, 23-26 DEF12A – 16F, 23-26 ABC, 27A – 41 F, 42ABC
Exit rows/doorsFront of cabinRows 20 and 21Back of cabin
Seat configuration2-23-33-3
Standard seat pitch(the measure of legroom space between a point on one seat and the same point on the seat in front of it)37” (93 cm)34″ row 8DEF; 33″ rows 9-11, 22, 23-26 DEF and 38″ rows 20-2130″ rows 12-16, 23ABC-26ABC, and 27-42
Standard seat recline(the distance between a seat back in its full upright and full recline position)5” (11 cm)3” (8 cm)2” (7 cm)
Limited/Zero seat recline3” 5ABZero at rows 20 and 161″ at row 41DEF
Seat width(the distance between the inner sides of the armrests on a seat)21” (54 cm)18.4” (46 cm)18.4” (46 cm)
Movable aisle armrestsAll rows 1-5All aisle seatsAll aisle seats
Fixed bassinetsNoNoNo
EntertainmentSeatback entertainment and personal device entertainmentSeatback entertainment and personal device entertainmentSeatback entertainment and personal device entertainment
Power outletsYesYesYes
USB portsYesYesYes
Wireless chargingYesNoNo
Source: United Airlines

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