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Lufthansa Group Orders 100 Boeing 737 MAX Jets

Boeing and the Lufthansa Group have announced a significant order for 737 MAX aircraft. Europe’s largest airline group has decided to reintroduce the Boeing 737 family into its fleet with a landmark order of up to 100 jets. This order includes a firm request for 40 737-8 airplanes and 60 additional options.

Lufthansa Group Orders 100 Boeing 737 MAX Jets
737-MAX8 rendering. Boeing. Lufthansa Group orders up to 100 Boeing 737 MAX Jets.

A Strategic Order for Lufthansa Group Airlines

“It is a good strategic decision for the Lufthansa Group to order Boeing 737 aircraft again for the first time since 1995,” said Carsten Spohr, Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG. “Around 60 years ago, Lufthansa was a co-developer and launch customer of this globally successful model. With the new modern, quiet, economical, and efficient 737-8 aircraft, we are making progress both in modernizing our short- and medium-haul fleet and in achieving our carbon CO2 reduction targets.”

Boeing’s design of the 737 MAX aircraft supports the sustainability goals of its airline partner. This aircraft reduces CO2 emissions by 20% and has a 50% smaller noise footprint than older-generation airplanes. With these environmentally-friendly features, the 737 MAX is eco-conscious and enhances the overall travel experience.

“Our relationship with the Lufthansa Group has led to a number of industry changing achievements and we are delighted to see the 737 return to an original launch customer’s fleet,” said Stan Deal, president and CEO, Boeing Commercial Airplanes. “The Lufthansa Group has set bold targets to decarbonize its operations. The 737-8 will help the Lufthansa Group meet those sustainability targets with significant improvements in fuel use, emissions, and community noise impacts, all while reducing costs for the airline.”

Lufthansa introduced the Boeing 737 in 1967 and continued receiving deliveries of these aircraft until 1995, accumulating 146 737s. The airline retired its last 737 in 2016 as part of its fleet modernization program.

To expedite the replacement of its older planes, the Lufthansa Group has made numerous wide-body aircraft orders in recent years. These include confirmed orders for 34 787 Dreamliners, seven 777-8 Freighters, and 20 777-9 airplanes, all currently in the backlog.

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