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Inside Spies Sunclass Airlines New A321neo and A330neo

The Spies Sunclass Airlines fleet is ready to fly its latest addition—a state-of-the-art Airbus A321neo. This modern aircraft will whisk passengers to a Christmas getaway in Grand Canaria.

Sunclass Airlines’ first A321neo aircraft takes off after delivery from Airbus facility in Hamburg.

The A321neo, the longest-fuselage member of Airbus’ popular A320 Family, can comfortably carry up to 244 passengers across distances of up to 4,700nm/8,700km. With the widest single-aisle cabin in the sky, the A320neo Family boasts a minimum 20 percent reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and a 50 percent noise reduction compared to earlier models. These improvements are attributed to incorporating the latest technologies, such as advanced engines and Sharklets, for enhanced aerodynamics and performance. By the end of November 2023, the A321neo had amassed over 5,600 orders from more than 100 customers worldwide.

Holidays In Grand Canaria on A321neo

On December 22, the Airbus A321neo aircraft will embark on its inaugural journey from Copenhagen to Gran Canaria, carrying 212 guests. This special Sunclass flight, operated by Spies and Sunclass Airlines, marks the debut of the brand-new aircraft and promises a festive Christmas atmosphere on board.

Sunclass Airlines A321neo
Sunclass Airlines A321neo aircraft at Airbus facility in Hamburg.

Throughout the year, 22,000 Danes opt for charter holidays, with over 6,000 choosing Spies. The majority is heading to Gran Canaria — a favored Christmas destination for 160,000 Danes over the years. This new aircraft represents a significant stride towards sustainable travel and reflects Spies’ ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility.

Sunclass Airlines A330neo Launch Flights to Thailand

The leisure carrier also launched long-haul service on a new Airbus A330neo last week with a holiday flight to Thailand. The A330-900neo offers enhanced comfort for guests and boasts an impressive CO2 reduction of up to 23% per passenger kilometer.

Spies Sunclass Airlines A330neo
Spies Sunclass Airlines A330neo

Sunclass Airlines has set an ambitious goal to replace its fleet with Airbus neo models by the end of 2030. This strategic move aligns with their overarching mission to reduce CO2 impact by 25% within the same timeframe.

Danes Want to Celebrate Christmas, Even Abroad

For many, Christmas in more southern latitudes is a tradition that is here to stay. At Spies’ family and adult hotels, Sunwing Family Resorts, O.B.C. by Sunwing and Sunprime Hotels, the company organizes a Christmas celebration, a popular feature among guests who choose to celebrate Christmas abroad.

“For many, the classic Christmas traditions have become synonymous with palm trees, sun, and sand between the toes. We can also see that this is the time of year when many take the opportunity to travel together across generations with grandparents, children, grandchildren, and friends. Spending quality time together is perhaps the best Christmas gift you can give each other,” says Sofie Folden Lund, who looks forward to welcoming the guests on Friday morning, where the crew will ensure a Christmas atmosphere from the moment passengers step on board.

Close to Sold Out Christmas Flights

Denmark’s largest travel operator reports that virtually all Christmas holidays are booked. The Canary Islands, with Gran Canaria in the lead, are the big Christmas favorites. During the Christmas holidays, Spies flies from the major airports of Copenhagen and Billund and from the northernmost airport, Aalborg. Their airline, Sunclass Airlines, still has some seats available, especially on the flights between Christmas and New Year. But travelers must be quick to book as destinations are virtually sold out.

“The Christmas holidays are one of the busiest holiday periods of the year. And we know that many secure their Christmas holidays well in advance. Especially the families with children who depend on the school holidays. And we see 24 percent more of schoolchildren between the ages of 11 and 17 during Christmas this year compared to 2022”, says communications and press manager Sofie Folden Lund.

From 18-30. December, more than 6,000 Danes travel with Spies to one of the many destinations offered worldwide. That is 10 percent more than in 2022. Gran Canaria tops the list of destinations, as always, and has actually increased by as much as 37 percent compared to last Christmas.

The airline also saw a small increase to Cape Verde again this year – a sunny destination with slightly higher temperatures than Gran Canaria, and the flight time is still shorter than a trip to Thailand. The Maldives and Mauritius are among Spies’ package tours with scheduled flights. London tops the list among the big cities – while New York saw a significant rise in popularity this year.

Where Danes Go for Christmas

Bilderna har inget slutdatum.

The Top-5 most popular Christmas and New Year destinations at Spies are:

  • Gran Canaria
  • Tenerife
  • Cape Verde
  • Phuket/Thailand
  • Madeira

Sunclass Airlines Sustainability Strategy

Sunclass Airlines and its parent company Nordic Leisure Travel Group unveiled an extensive strategy in 2022 to reduce CO2 emissions from their planes and hotels. Recognizing the significant contribution of air travel to global CO2 emissions, the tour operator strives to take responsibility and lead in optimizing their aircraft products. This involves actively reducing CO2 emissions and investing in cutting-edge technology to pave the way for greener aviation fuels in the future. Together, they are proactively shaping a sustainable future for travel in the Nordics.

With the introduction of the Airbus A330-900neo and the continuous efforts to reduce their carbon footprint, Sunclass Airlines is proving that travel and environmental consciousness can go hand in hand.

Sunclass Airlines’ CEO Valdemar Warburg said: “Specifically, we in the group have a goal to reduce the CO2 footprint of our travels by 25 percent before the end of 2030 and to reach zero emissions in 2050. And in that plan, aircraft fleet replacement is very central. It is also extremely gratifying that we can now fly out of 2023 with as many as three Neo aircraft in the fleet. The entire fleet replacement actually seems to be going faster than expected”.

Sunclass Airlines and Spies are prioritizing climate improvement with their new neo-planes and enhancing the customer experience on board. Since the inaugural flight from Copenhagen on June 26th, this commitment to customer satisfaction has remained at the forefront.

Feedback From Sunclass Airlines Customers Is Positive

The feedback from the guests has been overwhelming, says Valdemar Warburg: “It is especially the ergonomic seats that get a lot of praise, just as the guests are happy with the large screens in each seat as well as the quiet cabin, which the guests acknowledge in their reviews. We are incredibly happy about that – not least my colleagues in the cabin, who have also got an even better workplace 10 kilometers up in the air”, says Valdemar Warburg and adds that the cabin is actually 33 percent quieter than previous models, just like a more subdued lighting creates a calm atmosphere.

The new A330-900 neo aircraft will fly both to Phuket in Thailand as well as to Cape Verde and Gran Canaria this winter, after which it will be made summer-ready with 12 extra seats before it will fly to several different destinations in Southern Europe during the summer season.

Inside the Sunclass Airlines new A321neo

Sunclass Airlines A321neo cabin interior.
Sunclass Airlines A321neo cabin interior.
Sunclass Airlines A321neo seat map shows 60 Plus seats (rows 1-10) and 158 Economy seats (rows 11-37)

A321neo Economy Cabin

Sunclass Airlines A321neo Economy cabin
  • Seat in the rear or middle part of the plane
  • Pitch 73.6 cm
  • Standard seat (seat width 45 cm)
  • Seat layout 3 + 3
  • Access to the entertainment system on your own device (smartphone, tablet)
  • No extras are included: You can order specific seating, meals, and checked luggage yourself for a fee

Sunclass Airlines A321neo Plus Cabin

A321neo Plus cabin, Sunclass Airlines
  • Seat in the front part of the plane (rows 1-10)
  • Checked baggage
  • Sunclass menu with starter, main course, dessert and coffee/tea
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Access to our entertainment system from your own smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Pitch 73.6 cm – same as in Economy
  • Standard seat (seat width 45 cm) – same as in Economy
  • Seat layout (3 + 3) – same as in Economy

Inside the Spies and Sunclass Airlines new A330-900neo aircraft

Inside Spies Sunclass Airlines A330neo cabin.
Sunclass Airlines A330neo cabin interior
Spies Sunclass Airlines new A330neo seat map.
Sunclass Airlines A330-900neo seat map Short-distance routes in Winter. 80 Plus seats and 293 Economy seats.
Sunclass Airlines A330-900neo seat map Long-distance routes in Winter. 80 Premium seats, 160 Plus seats, and 133 Economy seats.


  • Seat in the rear of the plane
  • Pitch* 76.2 cm
  • Standard seat (seat width 45.5 cm)
  • Seat layout 2 + 4 + 2, some rows with 2 + 3 + 2
  • Access to the entertainment system (screen in the seat). Headphones can be purchased separately.
  • No extras are included: You can order specific seating, meals, and checked luggage for a fee.


  • Seat in the middle part of the plane (rows 14-34)
  • Checked baggage
  • Sunclass menu with starter, main course, dessert and coffee/tea (serving 1)
  • Sandwiches (serves 2)
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Amenity kit on departure (simple version with a toothbrush, sleeping mask, etc.)
  • Access to the entertainment system (in-seat screen) with free headphones

Onboard Experience:

  • Pitch* 76.2 cm – same as in Economy
  • Standard seat (seat width 45.5 cm) – same as in Economy
  • Seat layout (2 + 4 + 2) – same as in Economy

Premium Class Services

  • Seat in the front part of the plane (rows 1-11) with pitch 86.3 cm
  • Checked baggage + additional baggage weight
  • Premium menu with starter, main course, dessert, and coffee/tea (serving 1)
  • Breakfast or lunch (depending on departure time, serving 2)
  • Welcome drinks and complimentary drinks (not champagne)
  • Separate check-in desk (outbound and return journey)
  • Voucher for the purchase of food/drinks at Copenhagen Airport on the outbound journey
  • Priority Boarding
  • Blanket and pillow
  • Amenity kit (outbound and return journey, a premium version with a toothbrush, sleeping mask, etc.)
  • Access to the entertainment system (in-seat screen) with free headphones

Onboard Experience

  • Standard seat (seat width 45.5 cm) – same as in Economy and Plus
  • Seat layout (2 + 4 + 2) – same as in Economy and Plus
  • Note: Children under the age of 2 cannot fly in the Premium cabin

Spies and Sunclass Airlines: Tourism and Vacation Packages, Leisure Air Travel

Spies is Denmark’s largest tour operator. The company is part of the Nordic travel group Nordic Leisure Travel Group together with the tour operators Ving in Norway and Sweden, Tjäreborg in Finland, and the hotel company Resorts & Hotels, which, among other things, operates the hotel chains Sunwing Family Resorts and Sunprime Hotels. Spies’ guests mainly fly with sister company Sunclass Airlines.

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