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Norwegian Sees High Demand: 5 Tips For A Smooth Christmas Trip

Norwegian Airlines anticipates a high volume of travelers this Christmas, with full flights and increased domestic travel. The days leading up to Christmas, particularly the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of December, are expected to be especially busy as people journey home for festive gatherings or seek warmer climates for holiday celebrations.

Norwegian sees high demand for Christmas flights.

In addition to an influx of domestic travelers, Norwegian foresees a surge in passengers heading to sunny Spanish destinations. To help ensure a stress-free and smooth Christmas trip, the airline offers valuable tips for travelers.

There is a growing trend among Danes to escape the dark, wintry weather and celebrate Christmas in distant locales. Similarly, more people opt to extend their Christmas holiday into the new year. As December is traditionally a peak travel month, airports and flights will likely be bustling with activity.

“We are very much looking forward to welcoming all the Christmas passengers on board in the next few days – and again between Christmas and New Year. It is a very special task to be allowed to fly people home to their loved ones just in time for Christmas, which is a holiday that brings families together across the country and out in the world. But it is also a busy time, and our skilled pilots and crew are ready to ensure as stress-free a journey as possible, but good preparation from home helps both us and the passengers well on their way,” says Magnus Thome Maursund, commercial director at Norwegian.

Five Good Tips for the Norwegian Christmas Trip

Christmas shopping

Many travelers often experience longer waiting times at check-in counters and security checkpoints, especially during Christmas. This is when many passengers bring a lot of luggage filled with Christmas presents, delicacies for the Christmas table, or summer wardrobe essentials like sunscreen and sunhats for the warm holiday season. Therefore, preparing well in advance and following a few good tips can save a lot of time and stress.

Come to the airport in time.

Child passenger and his teddy bear looking at Norwegian plane on tarmac at the airport.

When you fly on the Christmas holidays, you may experience longer waiting times at check-in, at the security check, and at the gate. Therefore, get to the airport earlier and bring a sprinkle of patience. This also avoids unnecessary stress and worry about missing your flight.

Pack the Christmas food in closed packaging and check it in.

Many Danes often bring classic Christmas delicacies with them when they travel home for Christmas – for the get-together or for family abroad who do not have access to traditional leverpostje liver pâté or gravy. But remember that both liver pâté, cherry sauce, gravy coloring, and jam are liquids – often over the permitted 100 ml for hand luggage. They must, therefore, be packed in checked luggage. This also applies to sunscreen. Also, remember to wrap these items well in securely sealed packaging so your Christmas outfit does not get a splash of unwanted color.

Wait to wrap the Christmas presents.

Wait to wrap the gifts until you reach your destination. If you have packed them at home, it may, in some cases, be necessary to unpack them again at the security checkpoint for security reasons.

Don’t buy more Christmas presents at the airport than you have room for.

Many Christmas travelers buy the last Christmas presents at the airport, but it is a good idea not to buy more than you can fit under the seat. Many people travel with roller bags and a lot of hand luggage, and there is, therefore, pressure on the overhead spaces in the cabin. Norwegian cannot guarantee that there will be room for the last Christmas presents. Remember that most airlines require a cabin bag ticket if you want to travel with hand luggage in the overhead compartments. Otherwise, all hand luggage must be placed under the seat in front of you.

Find Norwegian’s baggage rules here.

Let others pass when you have found your seat.

Full planes also mean many passengers who must board and find their seats. Norwegian recommends that you go to the side of your row as soon as you have found your seat. Wait to stow away your hand luggage and settle in when there is a gap in the crowd. In this way, you allow other passengers to move further down the aisle and find their place. It saves a lot of time and ensures faster boarding so the plane leaves on time.

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