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Ryanair Traffic Grows 9% for December, as OTAs Remove Flights

Ryanair has reported a 9% growth in passenger numbers for December 2023 compared to the same month in 2022. The airline has also issued a formal statement as OTAs remove Ryanair flights in the month of December.

The airline served 12.54 million passengers during the month. It maintained an average 91% passenger load factor on its flights, down one percentage point compared to December 2022.

Ryanair operated over 72,500 flights in December of 2023, with over 900 flights canceled due to the Israel/Gaza conflict.

Ryanair’s rolling passenger traffic through December 2023 was 181.8 million passengers, an increase of 13% over 2022. The rolling passenger load factor was 94%, an increase of two percentage points compared to 2022.

Airline Statement As OTAs Remove Ryanair Flights

The airline also published a statement on the impact of online travel agents removing their Ryanair flight listings in December.

In early Dec, most of the larger OTA Pirates (such as, Kiwi, Kayak, etc.) suddenly removed Ryanair’s flights from sale on their websites. This welcome removal may be the result of pressure from Consumer Protection Agencies or a response to the recent Irish High Court ruling, which granted Ryanair a permanent injunction against screenscraper Flightbox from unlawfully scraping content for OTA’s, or in response to Ryanair’s KYP (Know Your Passenger) customer initiatives such as verification.

While these OTA Pirates only account for a small fraction of Ryanair’s bookings, we expect the sudden removal of our flights from these OTA websites to reduce short term load factors by 1% or 2% in Dec and Jan and also to soften short term yields as we respond by making more low fares available directly to consumers. We do not expect this recent removal of OTA Pirate bookings will materially affect our FY24 traffic or PAT guidance.

Ryanair will respond to this welcome removal of our flights from OTA Pirate websites, by lowering fares where necessary to encourage all passengers to book directly on where they are guaranteed to always get the lowest air fares without OTA Pirate overcharges, fake contact info, or other pricing/refund scams. In the meantime, Ryanair continues to make its fares available to honest/transparent OTA’s such as Google Flights, who do not add hidden mark ups to Ryanair prices and who direct passengers to make their bookings directly on the website.


Ryanair’s New Corporate Travel Agreement with SAP Concur

In December, Ryanair made a new agreement with SAP Concur, a top brand for travel, expenses, and invoices. This partnership will directly connect Ryanair’s low fares and over 3,300 daily flights to more than 230 destinations in 36 countries with Concur Travel. Corporate travelers will access Ryanair’s fares and network through Concur Travel’s online booking tool and a dedicated booking flow on Ryanair’s website/app. This will bring efficiency by automating expense management and feeding booking details into SAP Concur solutions, reducing administrative work for registered users.

Ryanair’s Dara Brady said:

“We are pleased to announce our exciting new partnership with SAP Concur, which will enable corporates to access Ryanair’s low fares and industry-leading network of 3,300 daily flights across over 230 destinations. Our low fares and high-frequency schedules cater perfectly for business travel, saving money and time for businesses.

“We look forward to working further with SAP Concur over the coming years as Ryanair continues to grow to carry 300m passengers p.a. by 2034.”

Paul Dear, Regional VP Supplier Services EMEA, SAP Concur added:

“We are happy to be working directly with Ryanair on these initiatives to deliver increased value to our corporate travel and expense customers. Everyone is looking forward to an exciting 2024 with the continued evolution of Concur Travel and new partnership with Ryanair.

“These agreements show the Ryanair commitment to business travelers and corporate travel managers. We look forward to a long and successful relationship that delivers real value to the corporate travel community.”

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