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Schiphol Airport Served 61.7 Million Travelers In 2023

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has published its preliminary traffic figures for last year.

In 2023, nearly 61.7 million travelers took flights, with 39.1 million flying directly to or from Schiphol. Approximately 36% of these travelers had connecting flights at the airport, including over 11 million unique transfer passengers. It’s worth noting that according to international counting standards, these transfer passengers were counted twice. Compared to 2022, there was an 11% increase in air transport movements, totaling 441,963 movements. This is 11% lower than the 2019 figures. Specifically, there were 425,994 passenger flights and 15,969 cargo flights.

Schiphol Destinations in 2023

Schiphol Airport

Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands offers direct connections to an impressive 305 destinations, with 126 of them being intercontinental. This includes exciting new routes like Alanya and enhanced connections to Mexico City and Beijing. Notably, 16 destinations, including airports in Russia and Ukraine, are no longer served. In total, 43 million travelers journeyed to or from European destinations, while 18 million traveled to or from intercontinental locations. Great Britain, Spain, and the United States were the top three most popular destinations.

Schiphol Airport Cargo in 2023

Schiphol Airport saw a 4.8% decrease in cargo handling compared to 2022, with 1.37 million tonnes of cargo and 15,969 cargo-only flights, marking a 12.9% decrease from the previous year.

Eindhoven Airport

In 2023, Eindhoven Airport experienced a record-breaking year with a significant increase in the number of travelers, reaching 6.8 million, marking an 8% growth from the previous year. This surge reflects the highest passenger count in the airport’s history, surpassing the 2019 record. The average number of passengers per flight was notably high, contributing to the bustling atmosphere at the airport.

Furthermore, the airport facilitated 41,496 flight movements in 2023, narrowly under its licensed maximum of 41,500. This signified a steady increase from the previous years, showcasing the airport’s sustained growth.

With 84 destinations in 2023, the top three most frequented destinations from Eindhoven Airport were Malaga, London (Stansted), and Alicante. The busiest day, September 15, witnessed a remarkable influx of 24,597 passengers.

Overall, Eindhoven Airport achieved remarkable operational success and a notable increase in customer satisfaction, making 2023 a triumphant year for the airport.

Rotterdam The Hague Airport

In 2023, Rotterdam The Hague Airport saw a 5% increase in travelers compared to 2022, with 2.2 million people passing through the airport. This marked a significant 6% rise from 2019. Additionally, there were 16,191 air transport movements, showing a 3% increase from 2022 but a 3% decrease from 2019.

These traffic and transport figures are preliminary and provided by the Royal Schiphol Group. The final numbers will be made available upon the publication of the financial statements in February.

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