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Copenhagen Airport Serves Nearly 27 Million Passengers in 2023

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In December 2023, Copenhagen Airport experienced its busiest month in four years, with nearly two million passengers passing through the terminals. The total number of travelers reached 26.8 million, a significant 21% increase from the previous year.

This surge indicates a strong travel recovery at the airport, making 2023 the most successful year since 2019. Notably, the two days before the summer and autumn school breaks saw particularly high traffic, with over 100,000 travelers passing through Copenhagen Airport on each of these peak days.

Increased Leisure and Business Travel at Copenhagen Airport

“Throughout 2023, we experienced an ever-increasing appetite for traveling. This applied to both business and leisure travel, and we are very pleased to see a 21 percent increase in the number of travelers compared to the previous year. Two out of three passengers are holidaymakers, and both Danes and southern Swedes use Copenhagen Airport when they fly out to see the world,” says Peter Krogsgaard, Chief Commercial Officer of Copenhagen Airports A/S. 

More than half of all travelers using Copenhagen Airport live in Denmark or Sweden. The rest are primarily passengers traveling to Copenhagen from other European countries and North America – and their numbers are growing. 
“Copenhagen is a very popular destination, and the number of tourists wanting to experience the Queen’s – soon to be the King’s – fantastic city is increasing. We should be proud of that. Many want to experience cool Copenhagen and Danish “hygge” – our famed version of easy living and a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. The Danish gourmet scene with great restaurants and the green and innovative approach to life also attracts many tourists. And we expect even more visitors in 2024,” says Krogsgaard. 

More New Routes from Copenhagen Airport

Travelers also have many more airlines to choose from. Over the year, sixty different airlines operated no less than 321 routes to 164 destinations at Copenhagen Airport. This is the highest number of routes since 2018. 
“We are delighted that more airlines are choosing Copenhagen Airport and that we can offer even more options for traveling to different destinations from Copenhagen. This helps to strengthen our position as the most important traffic hub in northern Europe,” says Krogsgaard.

London is Still the Favorite Destination from CPH

The UK emerged as the top travel destination in 2023, attracting nearly 2.6 million passengers. London, in particular, stood out as the most favored choice. The routes between Copenhagen and London alone saw over 1.8 million passengers, solidifying London’s status as the preferred destination from Copenhagen.

Notably, approximately 10% of all passengers, totaling almost 2.9 million travelers, opted for destinations beyond Europe. Copenhagen Airport offers convenient access to thirty direct long-haul routes, connecting travelers to Africa, Asia, and North America.

CPH Routes to North America Growing

Passenger numbers on routes to North America are strong, and the number of people traveling to the USA is now back to 2019 levels.  
“The routes to the USA are doing really well. More than one million passengers traveled between Copenhagen and one of the eight US airports providing direct connections. The USA is the ninth most popular country to travel to, and it looks like the trend is continuing,” says Krogsgaard.  
This summer will see another new direct route from Copenhagen to the USA when the world’s largest airline, American Airlines, plans to open a new route to Philadelphia. 

Copenhagen Airport Traffic Statistics

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