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Embraer Delivers 1,600th Ipanema Agricultural Plane

Embraer Celebrates Milestone with 1600th Ipanema Aircraft Delivered Amid Soaring Sales

The Ipanema, Embraer‘s flagship agricultural aircraft, has been a staple in the industry for over five decades. With continuous production since its inception, the line celebrated a historic moment in December 2023, as the 1600th airplane rolled out to further enhance its prestigious legacy.

Embraer Ipanema marks 1,600th delivery.

Embraer announced a significant surge in sales for its Ipanema agricultural planes. The year 2023 saw Embraer dispatch an impressive fleet of 65 new Ipanema aircraft, marking an 18% uplift from the year before. This robust sales performance underscores Embraer‘s leadership in the agricultural aviation sector and sets the stage for sustained growth in 2024.

Discover Embraer’s Pioneering Ipanema: Leaders in Brazilian Aerial Agriculture

Embraer Ipanema

Embraer’s Ipanema aircraft supports Brazilian agribusiness, spearheading innovations and enhancements that fortify aircraft endurance while reducing operational costs and carbon emissions. As the sole agricultural airplane with serial production certified for ethanol use, the Ipanema distinguishes itself with a renewable energy source that amplifies the engine’s performance.

“Agribusiness has a significant positive impact on Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and we are very pleased to see how the Ipanema has contributed to the sector’s high productivity, efficiency, and sustainability,” says Sany Onofre, Manager of Embraer’s Ipanema Program.

With the release of the upgraded EMB-203 model in 2020, Embraer’s Agricultural Aviation Division has been riding a wave of increasing demand. In response, the company is advancing plans to accelerate production, setting an ambitious target of 70 Ipanema planes in the current year.

Embraer’s success with the Ipanema aircraft is a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence in the aerial agriculture industry. As they continue to expand their offerings and fine-tune their aircraft solutions, Embraer remains poised to meet the evolving demands of modern agriculture with each Ipanema plane delivered.

Unveiling Embraer: Aerospace Innovation Rooted in Brazil

Based in Brazil, global aerospace manufacturer Embraer excels across various sectors, including Commercial Aviation, Executive Jets, Defense and Security, and Agricultural Aviation. Embraer prides itself on its extensive expertise in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing cutting-edge aircraft and advanced systems, coupled with an unwavering commitment to after-sales Services and Support.

Since its start in 1969, Embraer has delivered over 8,000 aircraft worldwide. An Embraer-manufactured aircraft departs from an airport worldwide every 10 seconds, serving the global demand and facilitating the safe transport of more than 145 million passengers annually.

Serving the commercial jet market of up to 150 passengers, Embraer is Brazil’s premier exporter of high-value goods. The company boasts a formidable network of industrial sites, operational offices, service centers, and parts distribution hubs, reinforcing its global presence across the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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