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Emirates Shares Top Travel Wellness Tips

Emirates is enhancing the passenger experience with wellness in mind. Welcome the new year by setting resolutions, planning exciting travels, and adopting a healthier lifestyle. Here are Emirates’ top tips to ensure your flights in 2024 are as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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Leverage Tech to Reduce Stress

Ease travel stress by harnessing the power of Emirates’ cutting-edge technology. Use the Emirates mobile app for complete control over your journey – manage bookings, online check-ins, seat selection, digital boarding passes, flight updates, meal prep orders, and even the inflight entertainment lineup with ice.

Travel Light with Smart Packing

Even with Emirates’ generous baggage allowance, packing light for your carry-on can prevent neck or shoulder discomfort. Follow tips from the Emirates crew, like bending your knees while lifting, to protect your back. Pack only essentials in your hand luggage for a comfortable travel experience.

Find Zen with ice Entertainment

Emirates travel wellness tip: enjoy in-flight entertainment

Emirates offers a special collection of Happiness and Wellbeing programs on its ice in-flight entertainment system. Discover relaxation through nature series, learn how to live your best life with inspiring documentaries, participate in guided meditations, or unwind with tailored music playlists.

Stay Supple with In-Flight Stretching

Experience the comfort of spacious seating across all Emirates classes. Keep yourself refreshed on long flights with simple exercises – detailed on the Emirates website and in the in-flight magazine – that promote circulation and prevent stiffness.

Indulge in Emirates’ Gourmet Cuisine

Emirates travel wellness in-flight menu

Savor delicious, healthy meals on Emirates flights, with menus crafted by expert chefs featuring fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy specialties like Bateel dates or Monte Vibiano olive oil, ensuring a flavor-infused journey.

Enhance Health with Dilmah Tea

Emirates exclusively serves Dilmah Tea, a premium brand that supports healthy digestion and boasts significant antioxidant properties. Soothing varieties like black, green, and chamomile tea help maintain well-being and mental clarity during your travels.

Hydrate for Optimal Comfort

Hydration is key to comfort, and Emirates ensures access to safe, clean water. Drinks from water tanks meet stringent safety standards, and a range of hydration options, including freshly pressed juices in premium classes and electrolyte-rich tablets from EmiratesRed, are available.

Replenish with Luxury Skincare

Pamper your skin with complimentary premium skincare products from brands like Byredo, Bulgari, and Voya, or purchase top brands such as Kiehls and La Mer through EmiratesRed during your flight.

Practice Mindful Breathing

Enjoy clean cabin air on Emirates flights, enhanced by HEPA filters. Practice relaxation techniques like ‘box breathing’ to achieve a deeper state of calm, and consider using nasal sprays or hydrating eye drops for added comfort in the dry cabin air.

Uphold Impeccable Hygiene Standards

Travel with peace of mind, knowing Emirates maintains top hygiene practices. Aircraft are meticulously clean, and items like headphones and blankets are hygienically sealed. First Class passengers can also enjoy the luxe Onboard Shower Spa for the ultimate refreshment.

Soothe Muscles with a Pre- or Post-Flight Massage

Complete your experience with a luxurious massage at the Timeless Spa, located in Emirates’ Terminal 3 lounges. With various custom treatments using Babor products, you can relax and rejuvenate before or after your flight.

Discover Emirates Travel

Since its inception in 1985, Emirates has grown to operate a vast fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s. Known for its comprehensive destination network, award-winning inflight entertainment, and exemplary service, Emirates continues to inspire and delight global travelers.

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