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Finnair Adds Flights to Nordic Holiday Destinations

Finnair is gearing up for the summer rush by boosting its flight services to beloved Nordic holiday destinations as demand surges from European and Asian tourists keen to explore Northern Europe’s pristine wilderness.

The airline has added capacity to Finland, Norway, and Sweden for the peak travel season between June and September.

Explore the Wonders of Northern Europe with Finnair

Chief Commercial Officer Ole Orvér of Finnair highlights Northern Europe’s allure. “Northern Europe, with its fresh air and beautiful nature, attracts travelers who see authentic experiences,” he says. “We offer holiday travelers excellent connections across the Nordics with smooth connections via our Helsinki hub.” 

Experience the Arctic Circle with Finnair’s Additional Flights

Bødo in Northern Norway is among Finnair's nordic holiday destinations.

The airline will resume its route to Bodø in Northern Norway, which lies directly above the Arctic Circle. This scenic destination will enjoy enhanced connectivity, with five weekly flights scheduled from June 17 to August 2. Furthermore, Finnair is bumping up services to Trondheim, Norway, offering 10 weekly flights from June through August.

Bodø and Trondheim are havens for adventure-seekers and nature lovers looking to immerse themselves in Northern Norway’s breathtaking environments. These routes are perfectly timed to link seamlessly with Finnair‘s broad international network.

Discover Finnish Lapland’s Summer Magic with Finnair

Finnish Lapland among Finnair's nordic holiday destinations.

Finnair also responds to the growing interest in the Finnish Lapland summer experience, primarily driven by unique nature escapades, invigorating air, and the region’s enchanting ‘white nights.’ As the sole airline operating year-round flights to Finnish Lapland’s Kuusamo, Ivalo, and Kittilä, Finnair is making these sought-after destinations more accessible than ever. Passengers can look forward to effortless connections to and from Finnair’s expansive European and US networks.

Journey to Gotland’s UNESCO-listed Visby with Finnair

Visby, Sweden among Finnair's nordic holiday destinations.
Hanseatic city of Visby, Sweden. UNESCO

Not to be overlooked, Finnair‘s seasonal flights to Visby in Gotland, Sweden, will resume at the end of June through early August, with a schedule of five weekly services. Visby, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the quintessential summer hotspot, steeped in medieval history and surrounded by the picturesque charm of Gotland Island.

Embrace the beauty of the North this summer on Finnair’s extended routes to these spectacular Nordic destinations. Whether you’re yearning for an Arctic adventure or a blissful retreat in a world-heritage medieval city, Finnair connects you to your dream vacation with ease and comfort.

Finnair’s Summer Schedule

Finnair is set to enhance your summer travels with a fabulous expansion of their flight schedule! Excitingly, the airline will resume flights to Nagoya and boost flight frequencies to beloved destinations such as Dallas, Osaka, Shanghai, and Tokyo. In Europe, Finnair announced new routes and additional flights to charming cities like Alicante, Gdańsk, and Wrocław. Plus, with Tartu being a European Capital of Culture 2024, it’s the perfect year to visit with Finnair’s added connections to the city.

Finnair has streamlined its services for US travelers to ensure seamless connections from Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and Seattle. The airline offers hassle-free transfers in as little as 35 minutes, thanks to all flights operating from a single terminal.

Prepare for a summer of easy, comfortable travel with Finnair’s enhanced schedule!


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