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Air India Enhances Passenger Experience With Luxe Soft Touches

Air India’s Revolutionary Upgrade: Luxurious In-Flight Enhancements Set for 2024

Air India reveals new amenities to enhance the passenger experience on international routes. Starting in mid-2024, travelers can expect luxurious enhancements when the airline’s Airbus A350-900 begins international service.

Air India Readies Its A350 for 2024 Takeoff: A Game-Changer in Comfort and Tech

Air India’s brand-new A350 aircraft took to the skies in January 2024. Before embarking on international journeys, this state-of-the-art aircraft will serve domestic routes to support crew training.

The Air India A350 features 316 seats across three classes designed by Collins Aerospace.

  • 28 private Business Class suites, ensuring an exclusive and restful experience with full-flat beds that offer unparalleled luxury at 30,000 feet.
  • 24 Premium Economy seats offer extra legroom and enhanced amenities for those seeking a middle-ground of comfort and affordability. They offer a noticeable upgrade from the standard fare.
  • 264 Economy Class seats are more spacious than ever, promising a comfortable journey for the budget-conscious traveler.

Every seat on the A350 features Panasonic’s latest-generation eX3 in-flight entertainment system and high-definition screens, ensuring a top-tier in-flight entertainment experience.

This aircraft is the first to arrive from Air India’s ambitious order of 20 Airbus A350-900s, with five additional aircraft expected by March 2024. The airline’s long-term commitment to revamp its fleet includes ordering 250 new aircraft, including the larger A350-1000.

First-Class Amenity Kits and Sustainable Comfort by Ferragamo

Setting a new standard in luxury travel, Air India introduces bespoke First and Business-class amenity kits designed by the iconic Italian luxury brand Ferragamo. Travelers will get an exclusive touch of elegance with Ferragamo body care products and a custom Air India souvenir, Maharaja lapel pin. Moreover, First-class passengers will enjoy a premium Eau de Parfum. Air India is the first airline to present Ferragamo’s latest brand identity on board.

TUMI’s Stylish Contributions: Amenity Kits and Eco-Friendly Sleepwear

TUMI, synonymous with quality, reinvents the Air India Premium Economy comfort kit. It features Air India’s signature red and skincare products from the Swedish brand Verso.

Moreover, TUMI elevates the sleep experience for First and Business class with sustainable loungewear and velour slippers, artfully blending style and eco-conscious design.

Air India is not leaving Economy class behind. The airline will offer amenity kits made from eco-friendly materials on select ultra-long-haul flights.

Bedding: A Synthesis of Luxury and Traditional Craftsmanship

Air India introduces lavish bedding options for its premium cabins. The airline’s First and Business class passengers can expect a soothing sleep experience with sustainable and comfortable linens and duvets. These feature a unique memory foam layer for added comfort. The blankets, inspired by the traditional Sozni embroidery of Jammu & Kashmir, will offer softness and warmth.

An Enhanced Dining Experience: Elegant Chinaware and Fine Glassware

Dining above the clouds is now a more refined affair on Air India flights. The airline’s new Chinaware collection is elegant and durable. Reflecting the brand’s culture, passengers will enjoy meals presented on plates and bowls featuring Mandala designs. The beloved Air India Maharaja icon appears in a golden silhouette embellishing crockery and service trays. Premium, lead-free glassware, and specially designed stainless-steel cutlery further enrich the dining experience in Business class.

Air India’s New Long-Haul Experience Debuts On A350

With advanced, widebody aircraft, including the A350-900, the B777s, and the B787s, Air India redefines the international flight experience. These upscale passenger amenities will roll out on Air India long-haul flights by mid-2024.

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