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New CEO for Sasol and Topsoe Sustainable Aviation Fuels JV

Sasol and Topsoe Forge Ahead in Sustainable Aviation Fuel with Appointment of Industry Leader Jan Toschka as CEO

Sasol and Topsoe have announced Jan Toschka as the chief executive officer (CEO) of their new joint venture focused on Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) projects.

In June 2023, global chemicals and energy powerhouse Sasol and Topsoe, known for its carbon emission reduction technology, announced their plans to create a joint venture.

This collaboration will advance the aviation sector’s decarbonization goals. Air travel contributes 2% to worldwide carbon emissions. This venture aligns with the aviation industry’s path to net-zero emissions.

Jan Toschka: Former President of Global Aviation at Shell

Jan Toschka will take up his new position as CEO in March 2024. He has an impressive background as the former President of Global Aviation at Shell. In his previous role, Toschka oversaw Shell’s extensive global aviation network. There, he was responsible for steering operations, joint ventures, and the sales of fuel, lubricants, and sustainable solutions to the aviation sector. Toschka led diverse teams across various areas, including sales, mergers and acquisitions, trading, and retail. Toschka’s vast experience encompasses multiple industries, including Marine and Retail.

Sasol, Topsoe Joint Venture Launches March 2024

The launch of this joint venture in March 2024, marks a momentous step forward in the journey towards cleaner aviation. With its headquarters in The Netherlands, the company aims to become a pivotal player in the sustainable aviation fuel industry under Jan Toschka’s leadership.

Fleetwood Grobler, Sasol President and CEO said:
“Jan, a distinguished leader in the global aviation fuel industry, enriches our new joint venture with his extensive experience and industry expertise. His strong customer-centric approach reflects a deep understanding of the industry and both the challenges and opportunities faced by the market. I am delighted he is joining us and eagerly anticipate witnessing the venture flourish under his leadership, as we seek to contribute significantly to the decarbonisation of the aviation industry.”

Roeland Baan, CEO at Topsoe, said:
“I’m excited, that Jan Toschka has accepted the position as CEO for the joint venture. Jan holds unique competencies from having already been working with the aviation industry, and he has a highly entrepreneurial mindset, which is what we need to get the joint venture off to a great start. There’s no time to waste in boosting production of SAF to decarbonize the aviation industry, and with Jan joining, I am confident that the joint venture will deliver a remarkable contribution to the world’s global ambition of reaching Net Zero.”

Jan Toschka, new CEO of the joint venture, said:
“The joint venture is formed by two industry leaders, and their ambition to take on one of society’s biggest challenges, to help reduce carbon footprint of the aviation industry. This industry is close to my heart, and I am very excited to lead the new company.”

Sasol: Pioneering Sustainable Solutions in the Global Chemicals and Energy Sector

Sasol, a prominent player in the global chemicals and energy landscape, is listed on the New York and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges. With a strategic focus on harnessing sophisticated technologies, Sasol creates efficient world-class operating facilities that integrate seamlessly with advanced processes.

As a company committed to sustainability and safety, Sasol ensures responsible sourcing, producing, and marketing of its diverse products. The company’s global footprint extends across 120 countries. Its workforce of over 29,000 individuals embodies the company’s inclusive and forward-thinking ethos.

At the heart of Sasol’s mission is their purpose: “Innovating for a better world.” This guiding principle compels them to pursue the triple bottom line — delivering outstanding outcomes that benefit People, Planet, and Profit.

Boasting over seven decades of industry experience, Sasol leverages proprietary technology and expert know-how to pave the way for sustainable fuels and chemical products. The company invests in green hydrogen and sustainable carbon sources, which is evident in its Power-to-Liquids (PtL) process.

Sasol deploys sustainable Fischer-Tropsch (FT) solutions on a global scale. Their innovation in sustainable practices bolsters their enterprise. It aligns with their vision to contribute to a better world for future generations.

Sasol’s dedication to sustainable development and innovative practices helps to shape a greener, more prosperous future, one sustainable solution at a time.

Topsoe: Advancing Global Energy Transition

Topsoe stands at the forefront of advancing the global energy transition. This leading technology provider champions the fight against climate change by equipping its partners and customers with the means to meet their decarbonization and emissions reduction objectives.

With a heritage rooted in extensive scientific research and innovation, Topsoe delivers solutions that convert renewable resources into sustainable fuels and chemicals. They also specialize in efficient and low-carbon fuel production and ensuring clean air.

Established in 1940, Topsoe’s headquarters are based in Denmark. The company’s dedicated team of over 2,800 employees serves a diverse international client base. Topsoe is committed to a sustainable and cleaner future worldwide.

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