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Topsoe Tech Enables Preem Sustainable Aviation Fuel Plant In Sweden

Topsoe Steps Up as Key Technology Provider for Preem’s Groundbreaking Renewable Fuels Plant in Sweden

Topsoe, a leader in catalyst and technology solutions for the green energy transition, has entered into a pivotal agreement with Preem to extend its HydroFlex™ technology for producing renewable fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel, at a new facility in Sweden.

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Preem will reconfigure a substantial IsoCracker unit within its refinery in Lysekil, Sweden. This operation will apply Topsoe’s advanced technology to produce 1.2 million cubic meters annually (roughly 22,000 barrels per day). The company has earmarked the supply for creating sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel, with production expected to begin in 2027.

A Longstanding Collaboration On Renewable Fuels

The collaboration cements a longstanding relationship between Topsoe and Preem, who have jointly endeavored to produce renewable fuels, including operations at Preem’s refinery in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Topsoe supports Preem with licensing and engineering to produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel using HydroFlex™ technology.

Great Demand for SAF Production

SAF is experiencing an exponential demand surge. Data derived from the International Energy Agency’s Net Zero Scenario highlight the need for SAF to constitute over 10% of aviation fuel usage by 2030. This is critical to meet airlines’ goal of net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050. In 2022, the International Air Transport Association noted SAF production met only 0.1% to 0.15% of global jet fuel consumption.

Positioned in Preem’s Lysekil refinery in Sweden, Topsoe’s HydroFlex™ will play a central role in revamping the IsoCracker unit. This adaption will help Preem reach its goal of producing five million cubic meters of renewable fuel with a climate-neutral supply chain by 2035. The renovated Lysekil refinery, once operational in 2027, will position Preem as a major SAF producer in Northern Europe.

Upscaling Renewable Fuel Production for Aviation

Elena Scaltritti, Chief Commercial Officer at Topsoe, shared:
“Society needs a significant upscaling of renewable fuels for aviation. We’re excited to take another step on the path to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation sector and aviation in particular. Together with Preem, we already have a proven track-record of delivering impactful results within renewable fuels production, and we’re looking forward to continuing working with Preem on this important task.”

Peter Abrahamsson, Head of Sustainable Development at Preem, remarked:
“We’re thrilled about the revamp of Lysekil refinery, which is one of the most significant climate investments in Sweden. The demand for sustainable aviation fuels is increasing rapidly, and we are already in dialogue with several major airlines. With this investment, Preem takes another decisive step in the transition from fossil to renewable production. We’re happy to continue working with Topsoe on increasing renewable fuels production.”

Exploring HydroFlex™


HydroFlex™ is a versatile technology that converts feedstocks, like fats, oils, and greases, into a premium, renewable jet, and diesel fuels that comply with global fuel standards. This Topsoe technology is scalable for new plants or integrated into existing units for full or partial renewable fuel processing.

About Preem

As Sweden’s largest fuel enterprise, PREEM’s refineries in Gothenburg and Lysekil boast about 80% of Sweden’s and 35-40% of the Nordic region’s refining capacity. Each year, they produce over 18 million cubic meters of refined products. With a mission to spearhead societal sustainability, Preem targets the production of 5 million cubic meters of renewable fuel by 2035 and a climate-neutral value chain. The company exports nearly 60% of its products, particularly to north-western Europe. It runs an extensive network of more than 500 service stations across Sweden, catering to consumers and commercial traffic. Preem employs approximately 1,500 individuals, including over 1,100 staff at its refineries. The company reported a turnover of SEK 161 billion in 2022.

About Topsoe

Advancing technologies for the energy transition, Topsoe combats climate change by enabling decarbonization and emission reductions. Rooted in decades of scientific research and advancements, Topsoe presents top-tier technologies for making renewable resources into clean fuels and chemicals. It also produces low-carbon fuels and purified air. Founded in 1940 and based in Denmark, Topsoe serves a global customer base with a team of more than 2,800 employees. For further insight, visit

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