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Airbus Opens Lifecycle Services Center in Chengdu, China

Airbus’ Comprehensive Service Center: A Game-Changer for Aircraft Lifecycle Management

Airbus has opened its new Airbus Lifecycle Services Center (ALSC) in Chengdu, China. It’s a first in the aviation world, offering a full range of services for the whole life of an aircraft. At this center, planes can be stored, maintained, upgraded, changed, taken apart, and recycled. It also handles the resale of parts from dismantled planes. This center is the first of its kind, managing all stages of an aircraft’s lifecycle as a one-stop shop.

Dual Certification: EASA and CAAC

The Airbus center in Chengdu is recognized by both the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). This confirms that the center meets top safety and operational guidelines.

Expansive Facilities with Environment-Friendly Focus

Opening ceremony of Airbus Lifecycle Services Center (ALSC) in Chengdu, China

The Airbus Lifecycle Services Center (ALSC) covers an area of 717,000 square meters and can hold 125 aircraft. Airbus expects that by 2025, the center will be fully operational and will provide jobs for about 150 people.

The center has a LEED certification, confirming Airbus is reducing the environmental effects of its work. This is an important step towards more eco-friendly aviation services.

By opening the ALSC in Chengdu, Airbus is showing its commitment to new and sustainable ways of managing airplanes throughout their lifetime. The center will transform aircraft service, focusing on efficiency and environmental impact.

“I’m glad to see the Airbus Lifecycle Services Center enter into service in Chengdu,” said Cristina Aguilar, Airbus SVP Customer Services. “It echoes our purpose to pioneer sustainable aerospace and shows our approach to environmental responsibility across the entire aircraft lifecycle. Our service center is a great example of Chinese-European cooperation in the development of the circular economy for the aviation industry.”

Airbus Lifecycle Services Center: A Hub for Collaboration

The Airbus Lifecycle Services Center serves as a hub for a collaborative initiative between Airbus, Tarmac Aerosave, and the City of Chengdu, incorporating the expertise of Airbus subsidiary Satair. This center specializes in comprehensive aircraft services, from efficient storage to recycling. Tarmac Aerosave, with over 15 years in the field, contributes its skill in handling aircraft storage, dismantlement, and recycling. Concurrently, Satair’s role involves buying older aircraft, and then trading and distributing second-hand parts, facilitating a wide range of lifecycle services. Airbus anticipates that around three-quarters of planes at the center will return to service after undergoing storage and updates. The rest undergo Tarmac Aerosave’s recycling method, which can reclaim around 90% of the aircraft material.

About LEED Certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards is a global certification system. Developed by the USGBC, it promotes environmental responsibility in the construction and operation of buildings. The certification supports building proprietors and operators in adopting sustainable practices and optimizing resource use.


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