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SAS Joins Airbus, Vattenfall, Swedavia and Avinor on Hydrogen Fuel

Pioneering Collaboration for Hydrogen-Powered Aviation in Scandinavia

Leading European aviation companies Airbus, SAS, Swedavia, Vattenfall, and Avinor have joined forces to advance net zero flights. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), they have agreed to explore the potential of hydrogen as a sustainable aviation fuel. The collaboration will assess the practicalities of deploying hydrogen-fueled aircraft within Norway and Sweden’s extensive airport networks.

Turboprop concept of ZEROe hydrogen-powered aircraft at the airport. Airbus
Turboprop concept of ZEROe hydrogen-powered aircraft at the airport. Airbus

Hydrogen’s Role in Clean Aviation: A Path to Zero Emissions

As the aviation industry seeks sustainable solutions, hydrogen emerges as a key player. It can power low and zero-emission flights. When sourced from renewable electricity, hydrogen fuel could help airplanes fly without releasing any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This marks a significant step forward in reducing the environmental impact of air travel.

Moreover, the potential of hydrogen-powered aircraft extends to long-distance routes. These aircraft could offer a clean alternative to conventional fossil fuel-powered flights. They pave the way for greener skies and long-haul travel without a carbon footprint.

Forging a Path to Sustainable Air Travel

The focus on hydrogen represents a significant step toward greener aviation. The partnership will examine the various aircraft concepts using hydrogen as a power source. It will also explore the operational adjustments required to adopt hydrogen fuel. The coalition will explore regulatory frameworks, infrastructure needs, fuel supply chains, safe storage solutions, and efficient airport refueling systems.

Uniting Expertise for a Common Goal

Leveraging the diverse specializations of the five corporations, this alliance creates a strong team dedicated to making aviation greener. Together, they are committed to fostering hydrogen aviation ecosystems in the Scandinavian market.

SAS, known for its strategic insights into the region and extensive knowledge of flight operations, will play a key role. The airline has a vested interest in advancing sustainable practices within aviation. It is committed to environmental stewardship within the industry’s net-zero targets.

A Historic Feasibility Study Over Fifty Airports

This initiative marks the first-ever joint feasibility study covering the operational nuances of over fifty airports across the two countries. The parties are committed to using their expertise to help the aviation industry achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

These industry leaders will work together to ensure a cleaner, more environmentally responsible future in air travel.

Advancing Aviation Industry Sustainability

“As the world takes positive steps towards a more sustainable future, SAS’ commitment is to ensure that today’s travelers, as well as coming generations, can enjoy the benefits of seamless global connectivity. By partnering with some of the strongest and most innovative players in the industry, we are assuming our responsibility to drive the transition towards achieving net-zero emissions.  A journey that matters not just for SAS, but for the entire aviation industry,” says SAS’ President & CEO Anko van der Werff.

With hydrogen fuel playing a pivotal role, aviation’s future looks cleaner and brighter.

Find out more about hydrogen and decarbonization from Airbus.

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