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Gotta LUV It! Southwest Airlines Upgrades Cabins and Uniforms

Southwest Airlines Upgrades Planes for Enhanced Comfort and Style

Southwest Airlines is redefining flight comfort by refreshing the interiors of its planes, including new, ergonomically designed RECARO seats and a stylish uniform refresh for the crew. Known for its friendly service and value, Southwest is stepping up its game with this modern upgrade to offer passengers a better flying experience.

New Look, Greater Comfort: Southwest’s Aircraft Interior Makeover

Starting next year, Southwest Airlines will roll out a new cabin design inspired by the feedback of customers and employees. The updated look, by design firm Tangerine, enhances the in-flight vibe with a blend of dark and light blues and retains the warm hospitality Southwest is known for. The airline’s signature Heart shape, woven into the carpet pattern, adds to the cabin’s cozy feel.

The revamped interior doesn’t stop with just aesthetics; passenger seating gets a big boost, too. After listening to travelers, Southwest chose RECARO for its expertise in seating that captures the calming blue ambiance of the redesigned cabin. Customers will notice the attention to detail like the Heart symbol gently imprinted on the headrests and the sunray design on the seat textiles.

Elevating Flight Comfort with Southwest’s Upcoming Enhancements

Southwest Airlines is soaring to new heights with its commitment to improving passenger experience. Southwest focuses on a fresh interior look and practical enhancements for its Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 737-800 aircraft.

Get ready for more convenience in the sky as Southwest plans to install power ports at every seat. This means you’ll be able to keep your devices charged while flying. Additionally, larger bins boost overhead storage, making stowing away your carry-on items easier.

And there’s more good news for travelers — by early 2025, Southwest will roll out cozy new RECARO seats. These seats offer extra comfort, promising an even more enjoyable flight.

It’s not just the aircraft that’s getting an upgrade. Southwest employees will be sporting chic new uniforms, showcasing the airline’s commitment to a stylish and modern travel experience.

These exciting changes reflect Southwest’s ongoing effort to meet and exceed expectations in both service and style.

“Southwest flies above our competition with industry-leading flexibility and our legendary Hospitality,” said Tony Roach, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Southwest Airlines. “Our redesigned cabin interior significantly enhances our inflight Customer experience and will complement the amazing service that our Crews provide.”

RECARO Seats Selected for Southwest New Interiors

Southwest passengers can relax onboard with the newest RECARO seats, meticulously designed for head and neck comfort, thanks to a customizable headrest cushion. Ease into the ergonomically sculpted seat, engineered to boost your comfort while preserving space efficiency. Furthermore, an integrated electronic device holder adds to the ease, enabling you to enjoy a wide array of free inflight entertainment on your own device with greater accessibility.

“RECARO is proud to collaborate on expanding our footprint in the Americas, especially when working with a local partner like Southwest who began their story at the same time as us,” said Mark Hiller, Ph.D., and CEO of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding. “Our new seat will be a great addition to the Southwest Customer Experience, as its durable design and comfort features will serve Passengers well.”

“We’re delighted to be part of Southwest’s historic journey and next phase in their modernization plan,” said Matt Round, Chief Creative Officer at Tangerine. “We’ve listened to Southwest’s Customers and Employees and responded by creating a distinctive new cabin interior that meets and exceeds their desires. By working closely with Southwest and all suppliers involved, we were able to ensure the design intent was executed in the cabin to the highest possible quality. The stunning result is a testament to what can be achieved through a collaborative spirit from all those involved.”

Newly-Designed Employee Uniforms Will Also Take to the Sky

Southwest Airlines Revamps Employee Uniforms with Expert Collaboration

Southwest Airlines is also embarking on an exciting journey to transform its employee uniforms. At the forefront of this innovative venture is the Uniform Inspiration Team—a dedicated ensemble of 75 Southwest workers. These professionals are joining forces with the renowned apparel firm Design Collective by Cintas to revolutionize their work attire.

In addition to this alliance, the airline has enlisted the expertise of fashion virtuoso Bonnie Markel. Her knowledge and insight are pivotal in sculpting the Southwest team’s unique and refreshing aesthetic.

Employees from Inflight Operations, Ground Operations, Cargo, and Technical Operations will all don these reimagined uniforms.

The goal is unmistakable: to ensure that Southwest employees are comfortable and distinctly visible in the bustling environment of airports. By infusing modern design principles, Southwest boosts the professional image of its team and ensures a cohesive brand.

“This design project brings together unique points of view in a dynamic and engaging co-creation process,” said Caroline Bartek, Creative Director with Design Collective by Cintas. “It’s a true collaboration between Southwest Airlines and the Uniform Inspiration Team, Design Collective, and Bonnie Markel,” said Abby Groshek, Apparel Designer with Design Collective by Cintas. “As the design process unfolds, Design Collective and Bonnie Markel are creating an apparel line that represents the Southwest Brand, with crucial input from the Uniform Inspiration Team Members who bring their everyday working knowledge and experience to ensure the apparel of the future fulfills all their functional and fashion needs.”

Southwest Airlines Elevates Customer Experience with Recent Upgrades


Since launching in 1971, Southwest Airlines has been pioneering affordable air travel. Over half a century later, they stand out as the airline with unparalleled flexibility. Southwest ensures superior value with offerings such as two free checked bags, no unexpected fees, flight credits that maintain their value—Rapid Rewards® points have no expiration—and their famous Hospitality.

Following a five-year comprehensive plan revealed in May 2022, Southwest has been upgrading its Customer Experience initiatives. The latest enhancements include:

  • Enhanced WiFi: Following fleet-wide equipment upgrades concluded at the end of 2023, Southwest offers a significantly improved inflight internet experience with enhanced bandwidth and increased browsing speed.
  • Power Ports and Larger Overhead Bins on New Aircraft: The new 737 MAX 8 aircraft arriving at Southwest come with USB A and USB C power ports and spacious overhead bins. The airline will also retrofit this modern feature lineup into the existing MAX 8 and 737-800 fleet over the upcoming years.
  • Digital Platform and Airport Kiosk Upgrades: With features such as Free Same-Day Standby, Digital Bag Tracking, and Online Baggage Check-In, Southwest empowers customers to handle their travel needs smoothly.

Southwest has improved its acclaimed Rapid Rewards program with several notable advancements. These enhancements streamline the process for earning tier status and offer A-List Preferred Members up to two free premium drinks per flight. Southwest also plans to roll out a new onboard salty snack and update the snack selection on flights from the U.S. mainland to Hawaii.

Tangerine Wins Southwest’s Heart for New Cabins

Southwest Airlines Unveils New Cabin Interior Designed by Tangerine for Enhanced Passenger Comfort

Southwest Airlines’ new aircraft cabin interior showcases a design meticulously crafted by London-based design consultancy Tangerine. The fresh take on Southwest addresses modern Southwest customers’ needs and preferences. This innovative cabin redesign underwent a collaborative and iterative design process, including passenger feedback.

Tangerine earned the opportunity to reinvent Southwest’s cabin through a rigorous international pitch process. The firm presented various creative design options to Southwest, ultimately reflecting the airline’s unique heritage in the new cabin concept. The redesign will enhance the Southwest brand, reflecting the airline’s distinct identity. It will also help Southwest stand out in the fiercely competitive domestic and transcontinental U.S. flight markets.

The partnership between Southwest and Tangerine signifies a pivotal step for the airline. Southwest prioritizes customer comfort and reveals its maverick spirit within the visually appealing and thoughtfully designed cabin interior.

“We needed to help Southwest stand out amongst other US carriers,” said Matt Round, tangerine’s Chief Creative Officer. “Our proposal expressed the unmistakable energy of the airline and gave the cabin interior environment more heart.”

Southwest’s Brand New Cabin Design: A Blend of Calm and Energy

Southwest Airlines has always aimed to be at the top, focusing on love from its customers, operational efficiency, and profitability.

A Deep-Dive At Love Field

Tangerine’s London team partnered with Southwest to bring this vision to life through the ambiance of their aircraft interiors.

After securing the design contract, Tangerine’s creative experts embarked on a two-week deep-dive into Southwest-ness. Working at Southwest’s Dallas headquarters near Dallas Love-Field Airport, they engaged with teams from Marketing to Engineering and (of course) the CEO. The insights gathered were gold dust, revealing what Southwest needed for their in-flight experience to shine.

Through workshops and interviews, the Tangerine team dove into the minds of Southwest’s current and potential flyers. The research delved into colors, comfort, and the dream flying experience. Passengers yearn for a peaceful yet energized space up in the air.

Leave it to Southwest and Tangerine to leave no stone unturned. They put their design concepts through the wringer with customer workshops, data-driven research, and realistic 3D representations. Leadership teams weighed in, helping refine the designs.

“By working closely with Southwest and all suppliers involved, we were able to ensure the design intent was executed in the cabin to the highest possible quality. The stunning result is a testament to what can be achieved through a collaborative spirit from all those involved”, reflects Round.

Winning Southwest Design: Sky Blue and Full of Heart, Naturally

The winning look? A cabin interior that mirrors the tranquility of nature, all with a Southwest signature twist. Collaboration was key as the design came to fruition. Tangerine and Southwest’s technical experts tirelessly tested patterns, colors, and materials. They were on a mission to nail the perfect cabin vibe.

The design of the covers for Southwest’s RECARO economy seats plays with light and shadow, echoing a connection to nature. Southwest’s brand makes its presence felt with deep blue shades and a fresh sky blue accent across the cabin. Look closely, and you’ll see Southwest’s heart symbol cleverly integrated into the aircraft’s fabric.

This 18-month design saga has been nothing short of a journey to Southwest’s core for Tangerine. Marrying the brand’s values with customers’ heartfelt connections with Southwest, the cabin design fits just right.

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