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Finnair Reports January Traffic: Modest Passenger Growth

Finnair Reports a Modest Rise in Passenger Traffic for January 2024 Despite Weather Challenges

Finnair‘s latest traffic data reveals a slight 0.4% increase in passengers this January compared to last year, totaling 819,800 travelers. This growth comes even though January is usually a less busy month for air travel.

Finnair traffic report shows modest growth in passenger numbers.

The airline saw a 5.6% rise in its total seat capacity, including a 4.0% boost with wet lease contracts. Despite flying more seats, Finnair’s flight occupancy dropped by 3.0 percentage points to 69.2%.

Finnair Passenger Demand By Region

Finnair’s flights to Asia witnessed a 13.1% capacity jump, thanks to more flights to Japan and South Korea. However, the North Atlantic routes saw a 5.8% decrease in seats available. European routes enjoyed a 5.9% increase in capacity, while Middle Eastern flights faced a 7.3% drop due to canceled flights to Israel. Domestically, capacity inched up by 0.4%.

Revenue from paying customers rose by 1.3% but with varied results across regions. Asia’s revenue grew by 3.0%, Europe’s by 2.2%, the Middle East saw a drop of 0.9%, and North Atlantic revenue decreased by 3.7%. Domestic revenue dropped by 2.4%.

The load factor, which measures flight occupancy, stood at 68.5% for Asian flights, 67.3% for North Atlantic, and 68.9% for European routes. Middle Eastern flights had the highest occupancy at 79.4%, while domestic flights had the lowest at 63.9%.

More passengers flew to Asia and Europe, increasing 0.6% and 3.4%, respectively. However, the North Atlantic experienced a 4.0% drop, the Middle East a 2.7% fall, and domestic flights a decrease of 5.2%.

Cargo Demand Rose 17.5%, Finnair Reports

Cargo transport increased by 17.5% in total tons carried and a 16.3% increase in revenue-generating cargo kilometers due largely to enhanced capacity on Asian and European routes.

January’s severe weather took a toll on punctuality, with only 66.2% of flights arriving on time, starkly contrasting to the 81.2% from last year.

Look for Finnair’s upcoming traffic statistics for February 2024, set to release on March 7, 2024.

Finnair Traffic Table January 2024

Finnair Traffic Performance January 2024
Month% ChangeYTD% Change
Total traffic
Passengers 1,000 819.8 0.4 819.8 0.4
Revenue passenger kilometers mill3,055.6 5.63,055.6 5.6
Available tonne kilometers mill2,114.6 1.32,114.6 1.3
Passenger load factor % 69.2– 3.0p 69.2– 3.0p
Cargo tonnes total11,114.7 17.511,114.7 17.5
Revenue tonne kilometers mill 452.3 9.5 452.3 9.5
Available seat kilometers incl. wet lease out mill 257.2 4.9 257.2 4.9
Available seat kilometers mill3,266.34.03,266.34.0
Passengers 1,000 109.1 0.6 109.1 0.6
Revenue passenger kilometers mill1,218.7 13.11,218.7 13.1
Available seat kilometers mill 834.7 3.0 834.7 3.0
Passenger load factor % 68.5– 6.7p 68.5– 6.7p
Passengers 1,000 462.7 3.4 462.7 3.4
Available seat kilometers mill1,083.3 5.91,083.3 5.9
Revenue passenger kilometres mill 746.7 2.2 746.7 2.2
Passenger load factor % 68.9– 2.5p 68.9– 2.5p
North Atlantic
Passengers 1,000 26.2– 4.0 26.2– 4.0
Revenue passenger kilometers mill 304.2– 5.8 304.2– 5.8
Available seat kilometers mill 204.8– 3.7 204.8– 3.7
Passenger load factor % 67.3 1.5p 67.3 1.5p
Middle East
Passengers 1,000 46.5– 2.7 46.5– 2.7
Revenue passenger kilometers mill 265.5– 7.3 265.5– 7.3
Available seat kilometers mill 210.9– 0.9 210.9– 0.9
Passenger load factor % 79.4 5.1p 79.4 5.1p
Passengers 1,000 175.2– 5.2 175.2– 5.2
Revenue passenger kilometers mill 183.9 0.4 183.9 0.4
Revenue cargo tonne kilometers mill 117.6– 2.4 117.6– 2.4
Passenger load factor % 63.9– 1.9p 63.9– 1.9p
Cargo traffic
– Europe tonnes1,882.9 47.41,882.9 47.4
– North Atlantic tonnes1,032.8– 21.31,032.8– 21.3
– Middle East tonnes1,912.9 5.31,912.9 5.3
– Asia tonnes6,239.7 25.06,239.7 25.0
– Domestic tonnes 23.6– 24.8 23.6– 24.8
– Cargo flights tonnes* 22.8– 16.3 22.8– 16.3
Cargo traffic tonnes total11,114.7 17.511,114.7 17.5
Revenue cargo tonne kilometres mill 68.1 16.3 68.1 16.3
** Including purchased traffic*

List of Terms

  • Change %: Change compared to the figures of the respective periods in the previous year (p = points, N/A = not available).
  • Available seat kilometers (ASK): Total seats available multiplied by kilometers flown.
  • Revenue passenger kilometers (RPK): Number of revenue passengers carried multiplied by kilometers flown.
  • Passenger load factor: Share of revenue passenger kilometers of available seat kilometers.
  • Available tonne kilometers (ATK): Number of tonnes of capacity for carriage of passengers, cargo, and mail multiplied by kilometers flown.
  • Revenue tonne kilometers (RTK): Total revenue load consisting of passengers, cargo, and mail multiplied by kilometers flown.

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