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Hawaiian Airlines Launches High-Speed Starlink Internet on Flights to Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines makes history as the first major airline to offer passengers high-speed internet from Starlink on its flights. This state-of-the-art connectivity is now available on certain routes flying between the U.S. Mainland and Hawaii, making staying online in the sky as easy as connecting at home.

Instant Internet as You Board

As you step onto a Hawaiian Airlines Airbus A321neo, you get free Wi-Fi access without the hassle. Forget the annoying sign-up screens and payment hassles—enjoy the internet immediately.

Chris Liebertz, a Hawaiian Airlines senior director, says, “Combining this top technology with our unique Hawaiian hospitality creates a travel experience no other airline can match for trips to and from the Hawaiian Islands.”

Internet That Keeps Up With You

Whether streaming, playing games, or browsing, Hawaiian Airlines’ new in-flight internet keeps you connected. Designed to meet your connectivity needs over the vast Pacific Ocean, you can indulge in the same activities you love on the ground.

“Starlink’s custom aviation terminal gives every plane a strong, fast internet signal,” said Will Seidel, a Starlink engineering director at SpaceX. This advanced technology keeps you online without interruption by smartly switching between satellites overhead.

Tested and Perfected

Hawaiian Airlines employees test Starlink connections in-flight.

Tests by Hawaiian and Starlink, including live flights, have ensured reliable internet service. Employees trying out the service could stream, game, and work online like at home. The tests allowed Hawaiian to refine the service to Starlink’s top performance.

Chris Liebertz reflects on the process, “Reaching this point is a big deal for our team and both companies. It’s been awesome working with Starlink to make this happen for our A321neos.”

Starlink and Hawaiian confirmed with the FAA that the service is safe and up to strict standards. After completing ground and flight tests, the FAA has approved using Starlink for Hawaiian’s A321neo fleet.

By spring, Hawaiian aims to have all 18 of its A321neos equipped with Starlink. The airline plans to offer Starlink service on its A330s by year’s end. Eventually, Hawaiian will also add Starlink service on its Boeing 787-9s. Look for the Starlink decal next to the main door to spot planes with this amazing service.

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