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Qatar Airways and gategroup Partner for Innovative In-flight Dining

Qatar Airways has partnered with gategroup to redefine in-flight dining, focusing on quality, sustainability, and healthy options.

Qatar Airways in-flight dining ready to reach new heights with gategroup.

New Heights in In-flight Cuisine

Qatar Airways has partnered with gategroup, the airline catering giant, to transform in-flight dining into a gourmet adventure. This cooperation benefits from gategroup’s expertise in creating innovative menus and delivering operational efficiency.

A Culinary Journey from Doha

At the heart of this collaboration, the two companies will revamp the passenger dining experience, focusing on procurement, health, and environmental consciousness. Qatar Airways enhances its commitment to higher standards in in-flight service, using gategroup’s culinary expertise and design techniques.

A Commitment to Gastronomic Refined Indulgence

Qatar Airways Group CEO, Engineer Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, said: “This partnership with gategroup will amplify the Qatar Airways brand by delivering refined culinary experiences for our guests, in-flight and on the ground, in our world-class lounges at Hamad International Airport.”

Shared Vision for Culinary Excellence: A word from gategroup’s CEO

Christoph Schmitz, gategroup’s CEO, commented: “We are genuinely honored to walk this path alongside Qatar Airways. It is a journey of discovery, growth, and immense potential, and we firmly believe in the transformative power of collaboration, where two companies come together with shared visions and values to craft something truly outstanding.”

Innovation Through Local and Sustainable Sourcing

Gategroup’s team in Doha will launch a dedicated culinary studio for Qatar Airways. This innovation hub will create menus focused on high-quality ingredients, health, nutrition, and local produce. Sustainable sourcing and support for local businesses are at the top of their agenda.

Enhancing Culinary Quality and Operations

The partnership is not just about taste but also about efficiency and quality. Systematic approaches to menu development, food production, and constant evaluation of food standards will ensure high standards for in-flight meals. The collaboration will also explore new revenue streams for the airline.

The Future of In-flight Dining with Qatar Airways

This partnership signals an exciting era of culinary creativity merged seamlessly with top-tier operations for Qatar Airways’ in-flight service. It reflects a forward-thinking approach to dining above the clouds, promising passengers better dining onboard.

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