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Inside Emirates Amazing 77 Million In-Flight Meals A Year

Emirates Gourmet Stats: How the Airline Crafts Sky-High Dining Experiences

Every year, Emirates sets an impressive mark in the airline industry by serving a staggering 77 million gourmet in-flight meals. The numbers reveal the scale of its mammoth in-flight catering venture. The airline operates 490 flights daily, with a cabin crew serving 149 meals every minute. This totals 215,000 dining experiences daily, delivered across continents and cultures.

Emirates In-Flight Meals by the numbers.

A Team of Culinary Experts Design Emirates In-Flight Meals

In the bustling Emirates Flight Catering Facility in Dubai and at partner caterers worldwide, 1,400 dedicated chefs work tirelessly to curate and prepare these mouthwatering meals. They draw from an extensive monthly recipe library of 2,200 varied dishes to keep taste buds tingling, ensuring a harmonious blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and vegetables.

A Feast for the Senses

Passengers on Emirates flights indulge in a variety of nutritious and delightful meals. The airline sources premium ingredients. Emirates serves up to 6 million kilograms of fresh chicken, 350,000 kilograms of prime beef cuts, and 266,000 kilograms of Atlantic salmon fillets annually. Add to that the 2.2 million kilograms of whole potatoes, 1.7 million kilograms of pasteurized eggs, and a bakery’s delight of freshly baked bread and pastries weighing 3.1 million kilograms. Emirates ensures that every palate finds its favorite flavor onboard.

Emirates In-Flight Meals: An Epicurean Adventure at High Altitude

Chefs at Emirates pour their skills into every creation, using an eclectic mix of ingredients to provide an epicurean adventure. In one year alone, flights feature over 938,000 kilograms of fresh cream and 32,000 kilograms of Masala cashew nuts. Passengers also indulged in the succulence of nearly 100,000 kilograms of fresh strawberries.

Decadence in First & Business Classes

Travelers in the First and Business Classes savor various fine-quality ingredients. Onboard, 3.5 million single-serve bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Monte Vibiano. The airline served 14,000 kilograms of Australian Yarra Valley feta cheese, elevating the dining experience.

The airline served 1.2 million beef tenderloin steaks in one year. Emirates First Class customers enjoy unlimited caviar. They consumed 10,350 kilograms of the delicacy last year.

World-Renowned Ingredients: A Global Palate

Emirates doesn’t just cater to taste; it brings gastronomic landmarks of the world to the skies. Truffle, foie gras, Japanese nori seaweed, Canadian lobster, and Emirates’ handmade pasta represent the global palate that Emirates caters to. The airline is committed to offering a dining experience that rivals those of top-tier restaurants.

Emirates garnishes its dishes with luxurious ingredients. They include Bzar spices, Beurre D’Isigny butter, precious metal leaf, Himalayan pink salt, saffron, and edible flowers. All ensure a visually appealing and aromatic presentation.

Treats for Economy Class Passengers

Even those flying Economy can savor Emirates gourmet treats. On select flights, the airline serves Marshfield’s ice cream from the Cotswolds, UK, and authentic Killowen Farm yogurt from Ireland.

Superior Snacks and Beverage Choices

Emirates offers 2 million packages of mixed nuts, decadent chocolates, and fine olives for those who fancy a nibble. To complement the food, Emirates provides a handpicked selection of wines. These include exclusive champagnes, artisanal teas, and rich coffee to complete the dining experience.

Impeccable Service Becomes the Standard

Emirates’ cabin crew offers attentive and passionate service to enhance the fine dining onboard. Comprehensive training in wine pairing, food plating, and specialty services like Arabic coffee brewing ensures a ‘fly better’ experience.

Indulge in Emirates’ exceptional dining the next time you’re thousands of feet in the air, and enjoy gourmet dining at its finest, where every meal is a testament to exquisite taste and unrivaled luxury.

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